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    New to the game - do I just need more patience?

    Hey all!

    I've never been big into the goblin game, but I've been lurking here for a few months taking in what information I can find. I recently started using TUJ and the mobile AH as well as auctioneer so my experiences are minimal. My question is are there some items you should always jump on? What brings this up is I recently jumped on a few items that TUJ snatched late at night and I'm worried I may be easily excited. Or do I just need some more patience when it comes to these kinds of things?
    I'll list the items in question below

    - 500g
    - 50g
    Now TUJ has the medians for all of these for my server listed as 25% higher then what I bought them for at minimum.
    I also have a I can't seem to get rid of.

    As I said, I'm still new to this so maybe I just need to have some more patience?

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    Patient is key in selling those high value - slow moving - items as you pointed out . Other than that, I'd say that you shouldn't over-invest in those items, since as you already sorta pointed out, they are slow moving.
    I'd also say that depending on the amount of people on your server ( directly in relation of the amount of people actually wanting to pay to gold for those items) try to snatch the items at appropriate prices. E.g I'm on a very low pop server, with a enormous unbalance (way more horde) , and since I'm playing ally, and I'm not cross-faction trading
    (I'm missing out on huge amount of gold i know) , the ally side seems kind of poor. I'd never buy a at 5kg, even they tend to sell at 8kg.

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    The simple answer is yes.

    All those items have a very niche market and customer base so selling them can take quite a bit of time.
    The pets are more commonly sought than the other two and will probably sell [eventually] if simply left on the AH but it would still be worth barking a bit to advertise them and especially so for the mask and pattern.
    At the least advertising will give you a bit of an idea of how reasonable your advertised prices are although you'll need to ignore the trash talk you will inevitably attract.

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    As stated, you may need to be more patient with these types of items. If you are new, stick to lower price, higher volume items until you build enough capital that you won"t need to worry about it

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    As others have said, you have to have patience to sell the high-value, slow-moving stuff. Generally I won't buy items to flip if I think I can only get 25% profit. The combination of risk that I won't really make that much plus the time it's going to tie up my liquid cash makes it not worth my time. I can do a lot better than 25% in much less risky ways.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll still flip. I'm just doing it for much larger profit margins, and TUJ's snatch list helps a ton with this. It's given me for 10g and for 25g. The former I fliped for around 1,200g (super lucky on both ends of the deal) and the latter I'm still considering using myself. The benefit of buying so low is that you can sell it for just about anything if you need to get out and still make a tidy profit. You just get to do it less often because steals like this don't pop up frequently.

    If you're newer to the game, you might want to consider tying up less of your cash in flips and focus on something that sells more consistently. For me, with the skills I have, that's Darkmoon Faire cards, , and various enchantments. Your server may vary though so do some research. In my experience, glyphs are a lot of work for consistent but small profits.

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    Patience is definitely the most important thing with the snatch list items. Especially important when you are first starting, you want to keep the amount you are investing in these items really low. 5k for the Macaw is probably a good deal but, you need to approach it as if that 5k is going to be tied up indefinitely. The purple smoke flare is an awesome investment for just starting; 50g tied up is nothing when the end result should be 5-10k depending on your server. On the other the parrot may be work 7-10k, but you have to live with the money you put into it.

    I generally will not buy these items for less than 100% profit and even then it's often just to get rid of an undercutter on an item I already have. This market is very low time invested (which I love), but it's also not quick returns.

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    As most above me have said, when you dealing in the gold niche that is item flipping or buying low selling high/normal, you need two things: patience and consistency. Keep listing those items, advertise in trade, advertise on the realm forums if its extremely rare.
    Try not to buy too many slow moving items though at one time because otherwise you end up tying up all your gold into items and then won't have any to spend on other stuff.
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    I'm gonna be honest. I haven't read the other replies, so I'm am really only replying to the thread title here, but YES. As a general rule of thumb, I have make a small fortune because of other people's impatience, so it is a logical conclusion that more patience = better results.

    I wrote about it in a bit more detail a while ago.
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    Going to agree with everyone here, patience is key for these types of things. What I do for these sorts of high profit - low volume sales is stick them on a bank alt. Post them up for 48hrs and check the alt using the mobile armory every once in a while. Babying these items is not the way to go. Best to set it and forget it, and be mildly surprised when they sell. You don't want to base your gold-making completely around flipping these, because as everyone has pointed out, they don't sell fast. Sometimes you can flip undervalued items quickly, but these niche items have very specific targets (collectors), and they're not always around to buy your stuff.
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    Thankfully my parrot managed to sell for 8.5k the other night so I feel better for snatching that though I'm still sitting on the other listed items. I've also added the glyph tome to my snatch list now. Part of the problem is I'm trying to configure my addons and get everything going but Auctioneer breaks my brain even while using the guide. I'm also running up two new characters that I'm planning on using for Enchanting/??? and herb/inscript. I currently have a jc/miner and an eng/miner maxed on the server as well.

    So to sum up, thanks for the advice and tips guys =] On top of everything else I've read here you still have a ton of information to give. I appreciate the help.



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