Just a funny experience i just had that made me laugh and i thought i would share it.

So there is my little banker dude buying up stuff on the AH when i get some random whisper asking if i want more?

As i had bought various items i asked him what he had for sale exactly and i got a nice list:-
<he's blue, i am red>


So to narrow it down i ask a more specific question

"How much obsidium and elementium ore do you have?"

"Only 7 ores"
"But what is absidium"

So i link it to him

"Aha, no srry"

"Got any [whiptail]?" (note i linked it this time)



"only 1"


"So you don't have much of anything? Can you link anything i might find interesting rather than just giving a vague description please"

"i just asked :S"

"Link some of the equipment you have to sell"

<x has gine offline>