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    Managing mailboxes and raw materials

    With farmers dumping large amounts of raw materials on the Auction House lately, I've run into a lot of problems managing the amount of mail and storing the materials until they are used. I use one character as a buyer who mainly posts 48h auctions so the raw materials won't clutter up the mailbox of the more active posters and then I mail off the materials to the appropriate crafter. All of the crafters are in the same vanity guild but the guild bank is filled to the brim already with finished goods, mostly items that sell slower. So now I have several crafters who have more than 50 mails (x12 stacks in each mail) full of raw materials in their mailbox and have dropped my buying thresholds but I can't seem to make much of a dent in the mailbox except on weekends when I have time to process in larger volumes and it can be annoying when I can't access a certain raw material because I have sent enough other materials that have pushed it beyond the 50 mail limit (mostly on my alchemist).

    What do you do to manage your raw material inventory?

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    The only thing i can think off is more guildbanks tbh, i'm sitting at 2 x 3-tabs and 2 x 2-tabs where about 75% of it is used for stockpiling
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    A few small tips which you may already be following:-
    -Ensure you always send full stacks
    -Ensure you always send full mails.i.e. 12 stacks per mail.
    If you have any odd stacks them save them until you can post them in full.

    Past that the two main ways are either make more alts to fill up their mail boxes and lower your threshold. Unless your storing long term investments you don't really need to have that much in stock. As a rule i tend to keep 1-2 weeks of stock in at any one time so i don't get over loaded but have plenty to ride out any spikes in prices.
    If you have way too much more than you can even process your essentially wasting your gold on a generally depreciating stockpile. As a rule prices fall over an expansion rather than rise.

    As a final note, as you have begun to experience, as a rule i never keep more than 50 mails on any alt for a few reasons.
    1) Altaholic will not give accurate data on hidden mails.
    2) You may need to empty mails to access other mails.
    3) There has been reported cases of hidden mails being lost and "We do not recommend you use the mail box for long term storage"

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    I do use the mail for some storage needs. I haven't had anything disappear yet. Don't store stuff in the mail that you are going to need in the short term. For instance I have a Ore shuffler that shuffles ore to Jewelry and DE mats. She gets mailed massive amounts of ore, but the stuff that falls past the 50 mail limit isn't any more prospectable than the newer stuff. This solves the issue of having materials that you need to get to but can't because it is buried in your mail. If you can't swing that approach with your crafter, maybe add another alt that only holds certain materials you are buying in bulk in their mailbox. That alt would serve as storage and can pull out certain amounts to send to your crafter.

    If you start to get worried about mail hanging out past 50 mails and getting close to expiration: 1) process faster or 2) buy less or 3) pull down mail and send to another alt who can return it for a fresh 30 days on the timer. I have a lot of pyrite floating around in mailbox storage When I need more buckles for instance I just grab it out of the mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alinna View Post
    All of the crafters are in the same vanity guild but the guild bank is filled to the brim already with finished goods, mostly items that sell slower.
    Silly question, potentially, but are you also utilizing those characters' banks? With 32-36 slot bags, each one is worth roughly 2.5 guild bank tabs (I still store my pyrite ore stockpiles this way, since I acquired them before obtaining any guild banks of my own).

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    I think you know this already, but new guilds only need 4 signatures now. Offer 30-50g/signature and you'll have a new gbank in short order. More gbanks is pretty much the only easy way to get massive storage quick. You can also roll more alts, but I feel that's a bit of a waste (and I say this having essentially three bankalts).

    I used to use the mail system for "long term" storage, but I can have my OCD moments and want everything out of my mailboxes. I've set up one alt that posts "minor" items (minor glyphs and jc daily gems) that receives raw mats mails, then bounces them back to my crafter(s) in small doses as needed. Her bags are generally empty and she has an empty bank if I need to shove stuff away for a while.

    She's got a small gbank, but it's mostly filled with misc. enchanting mats, cloth, and spillover saronite ore from another gbank.

    I also recently processed all of my backstock of cata materials, so I'm sort of working ahead now.
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    Thanks for all the ideas - may look into getting another guild bank but that would probably require re-activating my second account since I'm out of character slots and I'd prefer not to move my current characters out of the vanity guild until they get the rep to buy the guild recipes that I've managed to get solely from crafting stuff to sell on the AH. I am using a few of the bank slots on some of the characters with profession specific bags, but more bank space would require new characters as most of these characters are 80+ and have multiple geared specs and I swap their BoP gear bags in and out of the bank as needed to make space for crafting.

    I'm also lowering thresholds, but not sure how much lower I should go, herbs tend to be very volatile on my server and TUJ shows that some of the herbs only go under my threshold every other week or so while my AH routine includes processing Darkmoon Cards/Mysterious Fortune Cards, and also working the flask/elixir/potion markets pretty heavily. Currently I have the following per herb: Whiptail/Heartblossom 2g, Stormvine/Cinderbloom 1.5g, Azshara's Veil 2.5g and Twilight Jasmine 4.5g. Aside from the Whiptail and Twilight Jasmine, most of the herbs easily go for at least two times that amount when a farmer isn't flooding the AH.



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