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    Unhappy Stuck

    I've run into a bit of a roadblock when it comes to generating gold. I have the following professions at max:


    and I'm working on enchanting, inscription, and leatherworking.

    I started working on serious gold making the night before 4.1 went live. I did the ore shuffle for a nice tidy profit ~4-5k. I then split that profit up between Alchemy, Tailoring, and Jewelcrafting. I also had a ton of uncut/cut gems that I put on the AH to try to get back some of the money I spent on ore.

    Now the problem is that what once was a near 100% profit has dropped somewhere around 5-10% if I'm lucky and stuff sells. Ore is annoyingly expensive in spite of the JC changes so unless I feel like farming Ore there's not a whole lot I can flip on that front. Tailoring brings in some gold but it takes ~2 weeks to sell any particular item (I've been focusing on the PvP starter gear for 85s). People seem to only want Potion of Treasure Finding out of Alchemy.

    The last time I looked at auditor I had ~27k incoming and ~21k outgoing for 6k profit. I will admit to buying a few enchant recipes and a Blade of Wizardry but other than that I haven't spent much. Overall it just feels like everything is break even once the mats are purchased or even worse.

    I've checked the guides and used some of them (Ironforge/Outland Limited Supply routes). I still feel stuck. Any suggestions? TIA

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    A few thoughts:

    1. Don't forget to do either a living elements transmute (you need to be in Uldum to be sure to get the Volatile Airs) or Truegold transmute every day. On my server that's a guaranteed ~150g/day at the push of a button.

    2. See if there are cheap carnelians. If so buy them and some Heartblossoms and xmute them to Inferno rubies. Cut and sell on AH.

    3. How expensive is "annoyingly expensive" ore? If you can sell cut Shadowspirit diamonds for more than about 1.5x the cost of a stack of Obsidium (each stack gives ~6 green gems, each Shadowspirit requires 9), then that is a good profit-making opportunity. Check the AH for good prices on the new meta cut patterns (agile, burning, and I think one other).

    3. Have you considered trying the Ghostly spellthread and/or bag market, rather than focusing on pvp sets? I dont' have a tailor yet so I'm not sure what that market is like, but from what I've been able to see in general, item enhancements sell a lot quicker than items themselves.

    4. Consider setting your JC's hearth in Dalaran (there's a portal back to SW now) and run the Dalaran JC daily for awhile to get a few Wrath epic cuts (focus on cardinal rubies and king's amber cuts). Then you can turn in extra Justice Points for uncut gems and/or buy and cut off the AH. I make lots and lots of gold doing this.

    5. Buy some primals and/or motes, and transmute Primal Mights. These sell slowly but for a nice profit.

    Those are a few of my markets. Good luck!

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    A couple initial thoughts:

    Tailoring... are you making and selling any bags? Also, you could look into the Wrath leg enchant items, as they still might be profitable to make. They do still sell, albeit a little slower than Cata ones, but a sale is a sale, if there is profit to be had.

    Jewelcrafting... something I've started doing is watching the prices of uncut blue quality gems. When they are cheaper, I buy some up, cut them and resell the cut gems for a profit. This typically works better with Amberjewel, Ember Topaz, and Ocean Sapphire. Inferno Rubies are a little harder to come by at a low enough price, but happens here and there.

    Cooking... Two things on this one that have worked well for me: Basilisk Liverdog and Fortune Cookies.

    For some reason, at least on my server, I've been able to buy up Basilisk "Liver", cook into Basilisk Liverdog, and sell at a tidy profit, sometimes almost double the price. Check your server on this one, as it might reveal the same profit potential.

    If you get your Inscription high enough, make Mysterious Fortune Cards, then "cook" them into Fortune Cookies. I've been able to sell a decent amount of cookies for prices higher than fortune cards sell for. They giev the +90 stat buff and a Fortune Card, with the chance at a 5000g card still.

    Leatherworking... once you get your skill up high enough, try the Savage Leather shuffle... turning Savage Leather into Heavy Savage Leather, then trading 10x heavy into 1 Pristine Hide. The Leather/Mail PvP gear also sells decently.

    Enchanting... again, once you get high enough, there are quite a few possibilities with this. From BOA gear enchants, PvP twink enchants, and current content enchants.

    **When one door closes, another door opens! Always be looking for other profitable ventures. **

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    Some general thoughts:

    If I am understanding you correctly, you have been at this for about a week now? If so, you might need to be a bit more patient. As you admitted, the tailoring recipes take a little longer to sell, and a number of the other markets you are looking at might be similar, depending on the situation on your server. It isn't unusual to have a bit of ramp up time with this as you restock and build up a decent inventory.

    If you look at the thread on AH totals, you will see that some people have a considerable amount of stuff that they sell, but understand that it hasn't happened overnight. We all start out the same way you are: Make 5k, and then spend 4k of it on more stuff. When you are first getting started, you will be spending a lot of your profit in order to keep yourself stocked. This is both normal and probably nothing to worry about. Once you have a "full" inventory, you will naturally be spending less of your profits, so as long as you hold true to your profit margins and pricing thresholds, you will be fine.

    If you are running into cash flow problems, try focusing on lower-profit, but higher-volume markets such as bags, spellthreads, the most profitable cuts, etc. until you have enough room to feel comfortable tying your money up for a bit.

    Hope that helps.
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    Get that enchanting up!

    I have made over 100k since the last patch hit.

    Gems have been selling like crazy. You can babysit them while you are doing the shuffle. Red, Orange, and Purple seem to sell the best, but I sell a few blue and green as well.

    I turn a lot of the uncommon gems I make into items to DE. Enchanting scrolls have been selling very well and at great profits.

    You can also turn some of those uncommons into meta gems. The metas are selling for 200 gold each uncut on my server right now.

    There are lots of ways to make profit. You just need to experiment a bit.

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    Thanks for the suggestions from everyone! I suspected I was being impatient and I'm glad a few of you pointed that out. I'll look around to see which markets are profitable or perhaps under served.

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    Keep selling. Push volume. That's the only way to maintaing a long term selling strategy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggea View Post

    Overall it just feels like everything is break even once the mats are purchased or even worse.
    Find or make a spreadsheet. You should never have to guess about profitability. Use it to know exactly the maximum amount you can pay for materials, and the miniumum amount you can sell your final products for, in order to break even. Once you know these things only invest in materials when you find them at your prices. Only sell when the market is at your prices. After that you can do things to increase your margin; such as making deals with steady farmers, or resetting markets to push up prices.

    Get in the habit of fully exploring a market before you try it out. Make a spread sheet. Watch the market for a couple weeks. TUJ the main sellers. Slowly collect materials when prices are on sale (worse case you decide to not play that market you can resell the mats for normal prices).

    Bottom line is: know, don't guess.

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    The last time I looked at auditor I had ~27k incoming and ~21k outgoing for 6k profit. I will admit to buying a few enchant recipes and a Blade of Wizardry but other than that I haven't spent much. Overall it just feels like everything is break even once the mats are purchased or even worse.
    This sounds like your expanding, which means your aren't going to be stockpiling as much gold as normal as you are reinvesting it in your expansion. Expansion can seem deceptive because as you invest more and more gold into the expansion of your business you start to see less accumulating or worse it dropping down so your visible gains aren't really going to show fully until you stop spending gold on expanding.

    As you said some material prices are rising this means your initial investments are costing more simply for that and if your also buying bigger quantities of certain materials or goods as you have seen something is profitable so are trying to increase the volume of that market, again your initial investments and stockpiles are going to be increasingly worth more which means your gold is less visable.i.e. your gold is hidden away in tidy investments and working hard rather than sitting in your bags looking shiny.

    In this case i would do as DoubleO suggests and look at some sort of spreadsheet(s) as it would give you a much better idea of what profit your really making or at least reassure you more that you are actually making a profit.

    Another suggestion would also to do some accounting, a simple in and out field with a total at the end and a description of each item, which is something i used to do when expanding. Then i knew exactly where my gold was going and any trends that i would be following.e.g. week 1, 2 and 3...spend loads of money on flowers with my gold diminishing. Week 4...see loads of gold come flying in from selling all the DMC's i had been making in week 1,2 and 3.

    The true essence of making large amounts of gold really is controlling fear, the fear of losing your gold. The more you understand.e.g. by keeping track of what exactly is going on, the less fear and more control you have and the more confidence and success you tend to have.

    Having said all that though, sometimes markets do diminish and that is why you should keep up with your expansion into as many markets as possible so that when one market diminishes you can simply swap to another more profitable market and ride out the dip until that market improves or if it doesn't simply abandon that dead market.

    On that note, when you say your working in LW, enchanting and inscription, what levels are these at currently?
    If it was me i would look at swapping enchanting onto one of your high level characters which has herbalism as this isn't really needed for gold making at high level if your planning to be a goblin. I said herbalism can be dumped and not mining as mining does have it's uses such as making titansteel bars.

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    I mostly scanned but the information put out so far is rock solid. I do have a few additions:

    Jewelcrafting: Ore prices are all over the place. Keep an eye on your server's prices as the week progresses. Bots are just now coming back after an apparent banwave with 4.1 (this is hearsay; not confirmed). The "new" JC market lines up perfectly with my previous Wrath strategy; buy raws, cut and sell. Transmute when you can find discounted mats. Is the profit amazing? No. Can you guarantee 15+g per sale? If you have the correct cuts, absolutely. Don't focus solely on Inferno Rubies. Demonseye () and Ember Topaz (various) cuts can sell as high as cut Infernos depending on the day. still sells easily and well (I've seen upwards of 50g each).

    Alchemy: This profession is a shadow if its former self (Wrath flasks did the heavy lifting to get me to the old goldcap). That being said, there are still some honorable mentions. Besides Living Elements and rare gem xmutes, you can also find some success with raid consummables such as Volcanic Potion. The key is not to flood the market, but to keep a steady presence. Cold has also had some success with a potion I can't remember right now [I'll have to edit this later], but it isn't Treasure Finding.

    Tailoring: PvP gear will help some people get over the hump for ZA/ZG, but it won't be gangbusters sales. Low volume is the reason I've shied away from gear markets. Others are reporting AVERAGE sales of one complete set per week, so you have to be patient. The gold volume is better, but you're investing more to get it.

    If you set it up properly, bags can be a gigantic profit. crafted in clumps. Sell in sets of 4-6. Cut the top off the NW cloth market to keep prices up. Wrath Spellthreads still sell in the 100g ea. range on my server. has the same number of slots as , and if you can be smart about purchases, you can see a hefty profit [HINT: buy Frozen Orbs and trade them in Dalaran]. Spam Trade or ask guildies to make them for you since they are a rep pattern (Revered w/ Ebon Hold). Embersilk Bags are decent income when someone decides to flood Hypnotic Dust (or you generate it yourself for even cheaper).

    Mining: Ore -> bars. It's simple and straightforward, and works across the board. Saronite Ore to Bars is a winner for sure. Bars that are Truegold mats are good targets as well.


    A general comment. Don't try to use both raw gold numbers and percentages in the same analysis. It starts to skew your view. You could make 300g flipping a BOE epic, but it may only be a 10% profit. Or you could buy an Inferno Ruby for 79g and sell it for 109g and make 38% profit.

    As others have said, just be patient. You are still investing gold in your other professions to set yourself up. My income for Cataclysm didn't take off until I stopped powerleveling professions and mass buying mats to set up my businesses. If you're patient and persistent, the gold will show up.

    Finally, if you have not done so yet, install Lil Sparky's Workshop to get an idea of what recipes you know that are profitable; even if they are not Cata-level.
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