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    Have you dumped your stockpile from pre-Cata?

    I've just started to unload my stockpile which consisted of mostly Abyss Crystals, Greater Cosmics, Infinite Dust, and Saronite Ore.

    Abyss Crystals were mostly saved to shatter into Greater Cosmics and Infinites.

    Saronite stockpiled at about 20g per stack - now selling for about 100g a stack
    Infinite was about 15-20g per stack - now 80-90g a stack
    Greater Cosmics have actually decreased in value, dropping down to 6g with a huge supply

    Saronite Ore stockpiles seemed to empty out on my Low/Med Pop server, and I'm starting to unload. Has anybody else started to sell? How are you returns looking? Looks like I should make about 400% of my initial investment.

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    saronite ore is kinda weird on my server, some days its at 40-50g and others its 12-15g.

    I haven't moved any argent pets yet, and actually gained a few.

    Ive gotten rid of most of my low-mid level herbs.
    (adders tongue, 50. Goldclover, 30ish. deadnettle, 25-30. tiger lily, 25-30)

    I have a few stacks of eternals and frozen orbs, but dont know what to do with them yet.

    Abyss crystals are around 20-25, while infi dust sells for about 5g each

    And I remember sterling recommending to stack up on titanium ore...It sells from 250-300 on average to 600ish. I picked up stacks at 150 each, so yup it worked for me.
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    Still working down my stockpile as i mainly saved items i would be using for crafting.e.g. cheap saronite and cobalt for making hogs so i gradually dribble them out via selling those crafted items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thefluffyrocker View Post i gradually dribble them out via selling those crafted items.
    Playing the same song over here.

    My largest stockpile was of enchanting materials, which I used to make a lot of vanilla and BC enchants.

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    Apart from my pile of Argent pets which aint being sold until those new achievments go live, the main thing i had stockpiled was old epic gems. Funnily enough this wasnt even a planned stock pile, I just had far too many to sell before cata came so I just left em in my gbank resigned to the fact that they would soon become worthless but as id made a bunch of gold from em already I wasnt too upset. Then lo and behold it turned out that new cata gems had level requirements and anyone lv 60-78ish could still only use epic gems!!

    They have been selling for 100-150g each mainly and there are so few available that people are often buying pretty much any cut/type of gem (coz i guess any epic gem is better than none at all, well providing its suitable for ya class of course heh) I think over time their price is only going to increase as most epic gems that have been sold have come from stockpiles people saved pre cata, rather than from prospecting or icy prims etc. It may even be worth buying titanium ore again woohoo.

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    Well, with 6 guildbanks, I have a lot of storage and a lot of full guildtabs.

    I started selling some of my argent pets about three weeks ago at triple the purchase price and they move...a couple a day anyhow. I think its better to post some now than wait until everyone who's got some saved remembers to post theirs on patchday.

    Near the end of wrath I made a pennystock investment in all the Wrath meat. It hasn't been the quickest investment to pay off but I'm starting to see Chilled Meat go for 5-10 times what I paid for them. I'll probably blow through them shortly after Thanksgiving hits.

    I have quite a few tabs stuffed with things I don't want to release to market on either faction since I play on both sides. For instance, 2 full tabs of titanium powder. Since wrath epics are still lucrative to me, I have little desire to educate my competition. Even if I wanted additional JC characters, none of them would need to acquire all those patterns. Instead, I'm going to sit on them until more details are released about the upcoming guildbank transfers and find a nice new market for them on someone else's server.

    It seems that everyone is concentrating on the possible ability to transfer 1 million gold. I'm thinking in terms of moving far more than that in toxic trade goods to dump, eventually giving me more than 1 million to spend on my target server.
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    I still have a lot of stockpile from WotLK, mainly in the form of enchanting mats. Greater cosmic essences have sort of tanked, so I'm holding on to my abyss crystals because they take less space. I have a tabfull of essences in case of a sudden rise in prices, but I'll probably end up just selling the lot at 5-10g per essence and move on. Considering the quantities I have lying around, that'll still be some 10-20k gold.
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    Probably 1-2 months ago, I started to dribble out all the ore I had stocked. Very nice prices, but low liquidity. and are moving nicely at good prices (2-5x my cost). is just barely over vendor on most days, with the occasional spike.

    I have *maybe* 3 columns of pets left, although my stock of pets was very small.
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