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    Saronite Shuffle Spreadsheet

    I searched google in the jmtc and stormspire forums as well as some other sites, but I could not find a a saronite shuffle spreadsheet already created. It seems like something that would be exhaustively created during WotLK, but I am unable to uncover one. I wanted to make sure I wasn't recreating the wheel when I go to make one myself, with that in mind does anyone know of one that exists that they have used in the past? Also, I was wondering how someone goes about importing data from a wow addon such as TSM into excel.

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    Here is a Google spreadsheet that was shared on the Elitist Jerks forum ages ago.

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    I'm unsure if TSM has export capabilities yet. If its AuctionDB is set up similar to Auctioneer's Scan Data, you could use a guide from that (google it? I've never bothered with this stuff).

    If you're willing to wait, I'll dig through the archives on JMTC when I get home from work. I'm a forum mod so I may have access to some older stuff that you don't. I know they were definitely there. Check specifically in the Prof>JC forums and try poking into threads versus doing a search. Zamboni, Zero, or Whitewolf may have un-stickied the Wrath spreadsheet threads when we moved to Cata.

    Conversely, the Prospecting formula is definitely on the JC board if you want to use Sterling's spreadsheet and modify the numbers/items.
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