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    Extra Justice Points? Don't forget about Primordial Saronite

    Hey Team,

    Hopefully this isn't a repost but I did want to go back to a post Wes had made some time ago :

    Urgent Pro Tip: Primordial Saronite, get out while you can.

    Here we are now, four months later, and perhaps some of you have forgotten that can be purchased with Justice Points.

    So you're thinking "Okay, and...?" well, if we look at the Chart of non BOP items for purchase with Justice Points it's not stellar. However, the is still holding a value at 100g+ on most servers. Why you ask? Well, some people are continually trying to farm for the vanity items derived from the quest chain. If this quest remains in game, this could mean that the market would hold steady long term.

    This tip is certainly "buyer beware", do the research on your server first to see if these babies are turning over at all. I will say though, for a guy who was sitting capped at 4k for the last 6 weeks thinking "what the heck am I really going to spend this on" this was a nice surprise I stumbled over.

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    Nice tip! The other thought is that after Patch 4.1, you will be able to trade Justine points for honor (and vice versa).
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    If you have that many to burn, don't forget about and and other WOTLK era gems. I've been selling them like hotcakes (1-2 of each daily) on my medium pop carebear server.