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    Breaking the first 100k mark

    I recently started reading the Consortium and other blogs. I just wanted to start this discussion for newbies like me. Thanks for all the help on the forums so far. All the information has been so useful. I went from 9kg (with all my toons) when I first started reading this blog to having about 83k g currently. I stocking up and getting prepared for patch 4.1 now and Children's wekk (as well as the Darkmoon Faire). I currently have in non liquid assets (by my estimates) about 35-40k thats ready to be auctioned soon. I'm stocking up on everything: dense stones for the faire, eggs and more for childrens week, and a ton of gems for 4.1. I realized once the patch hits, especially with the low supply of ore, that gems will be quite pricey, considering everyone will have to regem with all the new gear (as well as enchant).

    I have around 10 Reverberating gems (I had the recipe drop for me, but instead of selling it for 2.5kg I decided to learn it) and about 19 shadowspirit (uncut) gems available to me. Currently the gems are going for around 200g each on the AH, I posted 5 of them for 750g each. I wont sell them this week, but I have a good feeling if I'm patient, I'll be able to sell them at that price once 4.1 hits. I'm glad I didnt sell the recipe because selling just the gems I have now (29) at 750g each (if it happens) I'll make 21,750 g (not subtracting AH cut). That's a much better investment and that alone would put me over 100k g.

    I'm also stocking up on enchanting mats for all the enchants that will be needed. Although I am selling any Maelstrom I have due to the fact that itll be so much easier to get them in the next patch. I'll eventually buy the recipes for the big enchants and I predict that I'll still be able to profit 500 to 1k g on each of the big ones.

    I know all this is speculation, but I've made 70kg + on speculation so far.
    I've also acquired a bunch of cheap rare patterns that I'm sure in time I'll be able to sell for anywhere from 12-22k total, with an investment of about 1.5k at most.

    I'd like to hear what other people have to say on this. I'd love to hear about newbie readers like me having the success I have been. What kinds of things are you doing to get ready for 4.1? as well as how have you hit your first 100k gold?


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    Grats on getting your first 100k! I think you will find that the first 100k is by far the hardest to get and you will be making gold even faster in the coming months/weeks.

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    I would like to say the same thing. I just picked the game back up a couple months ago after quitting mid-Wrath. I had about 20k total, and when I started playing I wanted to be able to buy gear because I don't have time to hardcore raid but I want to see content too. Right now I am sitting at about 120k and I have much more in assets waiting to move.

    I just want to thank you guys for everything you post, and I don't just mean everyone here, but all the bloggers as well. Thank you guys for helping us all out. You don't have to, you could keep all the info to yourselves but you dont and we appreciate it! Here's to becoming a wind trader someday

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    Congrats! I'm just starting out myself, hope to hit that milestone some day.

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    Congratulations! I remember 100k being very exciting. The best advice I can give someone just hitting 100k is don't be afraid to expand, even if you have to level more toons and invest some of your money in new professions. My secret to making gold has been diversity, not control.

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    Good advice! I just unlearned engineering on one of my alts and leveled blacksmithing enough to make the dense grinding stones for the faire coming up. I have almost 1k dense grinding stones ready to turn in for the quest. And I've been buying up rare recipes like crazy at cheap rates! i have almost 20 different rare and unavailable recipes now for sale. I figure if i sell everything i have on the AH right now, I'd actually be very close to 200k :P. keeping my fingers crossed. with Tuesday getting closer, I've been noticing more activity on the servers. very good!

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    Grats mate im in the same boat. Fluctuating between 90-94k on a daily basis, i also hope to hit 100k in the next few days.

    I would also like to thank The consortium's mods and posters, the Addon developers that come here and answer question on a 1 to 1 basis, and the gold boggers out there.

    Healthy profits to you all!

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    I personally, would recommend anyone looking to make a splash to try starting with Low Deposit Cost Items. Without any real risk involved, you can try your hand at a number of the more "advanced" strategies, and learn quite a bit. I would also stick with high volume markets, such as cata enchanting mats, since you don't want to end up with a handful of stock that might hold its value, but still take you awhile to sell, leaving you without any gold in the meantime.

    The reason I think that enchanting is a great place to start your gold-making quest with is because it really is a hybrid profession. You can focus on the raw mats like the farmers do. You can turn them into scrolls like the other professions do. You can even pull off a "snatch and flip" of sorts by looking for gear that can be disenchanted for profit. (see my DE Spreadsheet for some simple guidelines about that).

    At any rate, I would think it would be quite possible for someone to hit 100k with only enchanting. Then, with the knowledge you now possess, and a decent bankroll to expand with, the sky's the limit.

    Oddly enough, 100k was probably one of the more significant milestones for me. After a certain point, it doesn't feel like I have really earned the other ones, but 100k felt pretty satisfying.
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    After having transfered to my new server with barely 1000g, I decided enough was enough; it's time to make some serious money!
    - That's how I found out about this site via MMO-Champ, where one of the users recommended you :-)

    I'm a Tailor/Eng on my main, and at first I sold Spellthreads, bought them when they were cheap (250-400g) just to re-sell them a few days later when most of the servers Tailors were out of Dreamcloth for 500-700g each. Decided to expand a little, bought every PvP recipe @ vendor, and I'm now controlling the PvP Cloth market, selling Cowls, Robes, Shoulders and Pants (Bracers and gloves sells for jack $%^&) for 500-800g price range.

    After having read about which addons are a must have, I gotta say it's really paid off and helps getting an overview of things much easier.

    I've also been selling X-Ray Scopes (Not 24/7, but just once in a while when market is depleted and I get to sell them for 350g+ on a good day) + vanity pets.

    Since I'm playing on EU servers, TUJ doesn't work (though I DO have the addon, and it's really nice to have suggested prices for items that I haven't sold before) I've manually made my own snatchlist, and I've bought several recipes for a few golds - Haven't sold a recipe yet, but I'm patient! Their suggested price varies from 300-2500, so it's still something I'm testing out, to see how it goes. :-)

    Flipping epics and rare pets (Bought that Epic Parrot for 5k, flipped it for 10k 1 week after) seems to be really nice, and I bought Maimgor's Bite cheap and flipped it for a 8k profit, and Unheeded Warning (4.5k profit). I've snatched myself a Claw of Torment (The MH) for 14k, and I'm listing it for an even higher amount than I first wanted to: 36k. Figured I might as well try it for a week and see how it goes - you never know
    Though I have already made a horrible mistake (Getting cold feets on this one) when I bought that Dragonwreck Thrown for 8k 1 week ago. Thought it was a good deal, seeing the AH prices listed 13k+. Now they're currently at 9.5k+, and it's been listed 24/7, mostly being the cheapest (got vacation, so we're talking 3-6 relists each day) and it still hasn't sold. :|

    Another market I'm trying out are cosmetics: Sword of Wizardry, Orb of Deception etc. Bought 2x OoD's for 3.5k, when their normal price used to (according to my scans) be the double. Bought Wizardry for 1.5k, listing it for 4k. I'm the only one with auctions open with those items, so I pretty much decide the price, so I'm just waiting for someone to bite

    I'm currently lvling a Boomkin with herb/scripe to try it out. I've been a herber before, but I've never laid hands on insciption, so I'll definitely have a go at the glyph/DMC card market. I'm getting all jelly with all the posts about how great this profession is, so I figured I might as well try it out =D

    I'm breaching my gold cap every day, and after dinging 10k & 20k, I've been hovering a lot. Hit 24k one afternoon, 5k the next morning. Few days later 15k, 7k the following morning. Got a few items sold on the AH this evening so I hit 28k, just for Claws of Torment to pop - back to sum 15k, lol. Though I'm a lot more "relaxed" about buying items and then trying to sell them for a higher profit than I've ever been before. I approximately got items on AH for 40-60k+, so every time I hit 25k g, I keep telling myself to stop trying to flip items/or buy cheap items for me to hit personal goal of 50k - but then another cheap epic appears, and I want to try and flip it, lol.

    That's my little diary of 1 week of AH. My income from AH has increased from 15k to 80k within 2-3 weeks or so, and it sure as hell feels good to know that I'm doing something right.

    Thanks Consortium ! Dunno where I would be without your tips & tricks! cheers
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