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    How much value are your auctions worth (per day) on the AH?

    Hey guys,

    First post here. Love to read the forums silently every day but today I felt like putting up a question due to what I've seen yesterday.

    There's a major guy playing on my realm that is playing on every market. I looked up all his auctions he had put up for today (1543) and it just blew me away how much the auctions were worth in total. 343K! Selling lots of darkmoon decks, mechano hogs, enchants, epics, you name it and he's selling it.

    I was wondering about you big-time sellers. What buyout value are you putting up on the AH every day? Me myself, I'm just a starter , only started last week with about 5k liquid value. Now i'm on 40k, putting up daily auctions of 17k worth.

    What about you?
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    1543 is a lot but not unrealistic, and the number depends on the players posting rutine.

    An example: I post Glyphs for 48h and never cancle auctions - I just repost new glyphs 1-2 times a day. This means that I often have 500-600 glyphauctions up on a regular basis - i would estimate the BO to be in the 40-50K range (yes we have some nice glyphprices on my server).
    2 vial of the sands: 100k
    Darkmoon Cards: around 75k

    So I have +200k up - and that at a point in time where im pretty "inactive" on the AH. My main PC are getting fixed, so I play from a old decktop, where i have only installed Auctionator and ZeroAuctions. When I get my main PC back, i'll expand my postings a lot. (Enchantes, gems, rare recipes, herbs, ore, leveling items ect.) I have proberly never had 1543 autions up at one time, but I have have had total BO +400K several times.

    I have 10 professions at max and +1,1 mio liquid, so im able to invest and craft in almost any market.
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    I tend to have 300-400 auctions up most of the time, except short period before I get chance to log in and relist.

    This is mostly made up of gems, scrolls, pets and recipes. Average auction value tends to be around 200k.

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    usually i have 1000 - 1,500 auctions up.. Estimated price around 150k'ish.
    I prefer smaller items in large auantities over maybe 10 epics up on the ah.
    Normally around 100 enchantscrolls, a few hundred gems, random mats crafted for profit, few hundred vendor recipees, various pets, tons of flips.
    When I was at my most active back in the end of wrath i almost never had below 2k auctions running at any one time

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    I have a similar number of auctions and value on the AH the majority of the time... I would think that you were referring to me even if not for the mechano hog qualifier that I don't sell. I have so many up though because I sell glyphs, scrolls, gems (wotlk & cataclys), bags, shirts, pets, some vendor items, volatiles, DMF trinkets, DMF cards, belt buckles, weapon chains, and greens from the dense grinding stone trade in. One downside to having so many auctions up and managing them only on one character is that cancelling and reposting takes 20-30 minutes if you haven't done it in a while which in turn makes you less competitive in markets where you have incredibly anal people cancelling and reposting anytime they detect a ripple in the force.
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    I have ~1300 auctions up between enchanting, JC, BS, inscription, and general items between 5 toons. Total auction value is 150-250k.

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    Usually 200-300 auctions at a time with value of between 250-450k.

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    After I've posted my glyphs and Cataclysm cards, TSM consistently reports ~250k worth (900ish glyphs). As for the other AH toons, I ... don't really know. (Yes, I primarily focus on the glyph market x). (Just now 25 glyphs sold for 5673g -- you do the math! ))

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    Apologies for what might be a very basic and often asked question, butis there a particular addon which shows you how much all your current auctions are worth? Certainly beats me going through them all and counting lol.

    I'm new to this auction house stuff. I rarely have that much up. I'll have a few scrolls up, one or two darkmoon cards and other common things.

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    There are a bunch of addons that do this. I wrote one a very simple one a while back for totaling your auction value ( You simply type '/igbr' with the AH open and it'll printout your total auction worth (it includes auctions that have been sold and are pending being sent to your mailbox).

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