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    Dealing With Random Requests to Craft Things

    For the past couple of days, I've been getting a random whisper from someone asking if I can do +4 Stats to Chest. I can. They probably know this because I have 2 scrolls in the AH for 600g. Now, I'm kinda torn on what to do. The goblin in me keeps ignoring them, hoping they'll give up and just buy my scroll. The nice guy in me wants to go ahead and make it for them in exchange for what'll likely be a worthless tip. There's always the option of charging, say, 200g to do it, but I don't relish the potential "WTF! All you have to do is push a button!" bs that's likely to occur from that option.

    So what do you guys do when something like this occurs?
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    At least give them the option of paying your fee - ignoring them offers you exactly 0 chance of making a sale. If they whisper back, upset, then ignore them.
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    On the rare occasion someone does make the effort to contact me directly i usually do the craft for them but this is mainly an act of politeness. I will always ask them to come to me and i have never met someone like this who wouldn't.
    While i generally shy away from face to face business as it is often not worth the hassle this is really optimal face to face business as the customer knows exactly what they want, has everything ready for you and will come to you. If more face to face business was like that i would probably do more business that way as it is simple, quick and profitable even if you only gain a small tip. Even if you only get 5g it's going to take at most 20 seconds of your time to do most crafts like this maybe round it up to 30 seconds for the sake of some variables which is still 600g an hour which is not a bad figure.
    Face to face business as a model in itself is not bad as long as you can ensure it is as hassle free as a transaction like this will be.

    As for encouraging them to buy your scroll, if they are willing to wait until they see you online to talk to you directly they are likely to wait to find someone else who will do it and obviously aren't willing to pay your 'high' AH prices and by simply ignoring them they are less likely to buy your scroll even if they can't get you to craft for them as you will annoy them and they are likely not to buy your scroll out of spite.

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    I think say 50g is a fair price. I know a lot of crafters who charge around 50g per craft.
    Hell in WOTLK there was one guy from <Inner Sanctum> on my realm who had just about every recipe ingame for all professions and he would charge up to 500g for some things.
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    I don't make a habit of crafting for tips. On those occassons where they hunt me down, I turn it around, changing the concept of a "tip" into that of a "fee".

    When someone asks me for a crafting, indicating they have all the mats, I reply with "I usually get offered ___gold for doing that." Not a question, a statement.

    If they reply with anything but "Yes, that sound fair", I wish them good luck at finding someone to do it for less.

    As a side note, I'll craft almost anything out of my spellbooks for free for a guildy, with the provision that its only for their "personal use." Knowing this, I've still had the occassonal clothie open a trade window to get me to cut 6 blue strength gems. When questioned about it, they've made the argument that posting the cut gems on the AH falls within their "personal use."

    Does anyone want to guess how many more gems I cut for those people?
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    Depends on the item. If it's a BOA agility enchant I'm selling for 900g then a 50g tip doesn't cut it.

    If they don't offer a fee when they ask, I usually reply asking what they will pay for it. If it's too low, or they don't want to pay I politely let them know that "I'm sure you'll find someone who'll do it for free. Good luck!" and then I stop speaking to them. I'm not desperate for sales and losing 50g to a tightarse doesn't bother me.

    This happened just the other day, someone wanted a BOA agility enchant made for his weapon. He was still barking in trade 2 hours later trying to find someone who'd do it for free.

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    I'd offer to do it for the same rate they'd pay if they bought it from me on the AH. It's a rare pattern, clearly they cannot find someone else able to do this for them. Hold out for the gold you'd like for it. They may provide the mats but we all know that the "value" of this isn't in the material cost, it's in the pattern rarity and that's not going to go down just because they provide you some shards.

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    There is nothing dishonest or mean about asking someone to pay for your item, instead of paying you to do it for them. If I had a design/recipe posted for 600g, and someone kept asking me to do it - I would START thinking about a price of 50g, and maybe even 100g. If they balked....then I would simply tell them to look somewhere else, or buy the recipe for 600g!
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    I really dislike crafting items for a tip, since I am essentially competing against my crafts already on the auction house. There's merit in considering the person contacting you as a non-potential customer for your crafts, however I do not think this is always the case from experience. So the question then is will crafting on commission hurt my sales enough that it is not profitable (from an opportunity cost perspective) to do so. That will really depend on how willing that person is to wait and how available that craft is. As an example, when the 4.06 designs initially came out I was the only person on my faction who could do the burning shadowspirit diamond cut. I was charging 750g for the cut gem at the time and it was moving at a steady clip (I tested it at various price points). At the time raw shadowspirit diamonds had crept up to ~350g in price. While this wasn't my personal supply cost it was to the general public. So I charged 300g to cut the gem under the assumption that this was a person not willing to pay the auction house price and possibly someone who had bought the raw gem from me personally. The majority of people who contacted me directly were willing to pay this price.

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    I never craft in trade.
    First of all there's to many people who think they can get away with a 20g fee, and secondly i cba to link the mats, wait for them to get them and lose 10 minutes.
    he only thing i might consider doing are the +15/+25 agi enchants since there's barely an enchanter that has these recipes.
    This does come at a cost though, i dont mind asking 250G for each enchant, i usually get the good old whispers about being greedy, just takes one click, ....
    On the other hand it wouldn't be the first time they come back a few days later because they haven't found a single person availlable to do it, depending on how polite they were before i might even increase the fee to 350g a piece.

    Why? Because i can...
    How rude it might sound, i dont have a problem with it, i have gone trough to many trouble and insults in trade not to try and squeeze the last copper out of it.
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