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    The art of selling tcg mounts

    Imagine this scenario, you’ve been super lucky and picked up a tcg loot card, or maybe you decided to transfer servers and bought a mount to move your mountain of gold. Or maybe you’ve seen one at the AH and have decided to try and flip it.

    Chances are, the item soaks up tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand gold. With such a huge purchase, a player needs to hold their nerve to see a fair chunk of their gold being soaked up by just one item.

    Unlike other items like gear or trade goods (which have a real historic value of past sales), what you’re trading in has a real subjective value. Some players may think tcg mounts are worthless while others might be mount collectors or see them as status symbols. Its these players that are your target market and even then only a small percentage of these players will have the gold to be able to afford the purchase.

    So how do you sell such an item? Its not quick or easy, so below are a few tips gained from my experience in selling tcg mounts...

    1) Be patient
    This is not something you can rush and need to be able to hold on it for a long time, several months if need be.
    Remember that since the item is a mount, it won't be dated by gear upgrades and will keep up with the price of inflation.

    2) Do not advertise in trade

    All you'll get are trolls.

    3) List it on the AH for a skyhigh price
    This is because in reality, you won’t be able to sell it for the skyhigh price, but would be super ace if you get it! More see it as advertising, which brings us to the next point.

    4) Be prepared to negotiate
    I have never been able to sell a mount through the AH. Every mount I’ve sold I’ve had to negotiate a price. If they ask you to name a price first, try knocking off 5% of your AH buyout price (i.e. which represents the AH cut) and go from there. On a 100k mount, 5% is 5k gold so its no small discount.

    5) Make your selling character have no special characters.

    Purchasers of these items will want to contact you in game or by mail so make it easy for them to find you so you can strike a deal.

    6) Be prepared to sell

    Sounds counter intuitive, however, you may get an offer that while a nice profit, you still feel is a little low. Sometimes though, it may be worth taking a lesser amount so it can free up the capital to make other purchases (like more mounts!).

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    If you can afford it, reinvesting your money into items that will either increase with inflation and/or increase in value as the item becomes more scarce (items no longer in the game) is a great way to increase your overall liquid gold in the long term. Due to inflation, the current amount of liquid gold will only decrease in value as time increases if you let it just remain stagnant on your character. Of course don't invest so heavily that you cannot maintain your day to day material costs.

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    Thank you for this, I'm in the process of flipping a as we speak. I would disagree with your #2, though. For an item like a TCG mount, where you can realistically expect little to no competition, I think this falls into the category of "any publicity is good publicity". Not to mention that an occasional mild-mannered and factual response to a troll mouthing off at you is invaluable, and allows you to elaborate on the qualities of your product and its rarity/uniqueness.

    While 99.9% of the responses you get will be trolls, or people with 50g asking if they can buy it for 49, EVERYONE in your faction in a capital city is seeing your barking. The biggest issue with an item like this is pitching it to the people who actually have the money to even consider the purchase, like you said in #1. Don't engage the trolls, just go ahead and let them to help you move your product that much quicker!

    I purchased two weeks ago for 75K, and flipped it two days later it for a 35K profit (maybe could've gone for more, I'm happy though). I'm sure the only reason I was able to do it so quickly was because the buyer saw my trade barking. Be patient, be sincere, be credible, and be absolutely sure of yourself and your asking price. And above all, don't come across as desperate.

    PS: I've run into two drawbacks with trade barking, through. The first is if there's anybody on the server who has a problem with you, expect a hellish bombardment (but if you've got a good reputation otherwise, others will defend you, which will actually increase your credibility). The second is all the random people asking you for free stuff. I had someone I've never even met before ask me to give them a this morning out of the blue, completely unbelievable.



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