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    Common Gem Vendor Price

    I'm sure you guys are already on top of this, but i just saw this on the new patch notes on mmo-champion

    Bold Carnelian, Solid Zephyrite, Subtle Alicite, Perfect Quick Alicite, Sovereign Nightstone, Regal Jasper, Resolute Hessonite, and any cut of uncommon gem now sells to NPC for 75 silver instead of 9 gold.

    Now these arent official patch notes yet, just things boub has datamined. But still, this throws a giant monkey wrench into the shuffle. Now we dont have an "out" to get our money back should a market tank.

    Do you guys think this will effect more then the price of common gems? How much will this change other markets if it makes it to live?

    EDIT: Probably should have put this under speculation, i have a horrible habit of taking anything boub datamines to be solid fact
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    By itself, I think it might raise the market price of rare gems. I don't know about anyone else, but I do the elementium shuffle mostly to convert my time into piles of rare uncut gems that I then sell or cut and sell. If the estimated vendor price of the uncommon gems goes from 40G per stack to 22G (if they don't reduce the vendor price of uncut gems), or 3.3G (if they reduce that price to 75s or lower), then that's not going to be practical, and I (and others doing the same) will have to make more profit off of the rares in order to compensate.

    On the other hand, this will seriously push the elementium/obsidium shuffle in favor of DEing vs vendoring. Either the people vendoring stop, or they switch to DEing. If they switch, there will be more competition in the dust/essence market, driving prices down. If they stop, there will be more low priced ore available for those that do DE, which may also increase competition (personally, I don't move enough dust/essence to DE all my gems as is).

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    Let's move conversation to this speculation thread - here

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    so my brains been bouncing all over on this.
    first. the price of ore up or down. well initially down as the bots undercut each other and no one really wants to buy this stuff thats flooding the market. long run though, the bots don't find ore profitable as the markets reset themselves and they stop farming. as stock dries up the ore price will go back up. seems logical, who knows it if will work out.

    other markets, well for myself i've noticed that the dust market is flooded (90g a stack for hypnotic), the essence is pretty bad but its still profitable (25g per celestial). as everyone freaks about there uncommons being worthless they'll dump them. (side note: never understood why hessonite is flipped to dust it takes two hessonites. a jasper ring takes a single gem. seems like half the cost for the same return) at anyrate so these markets might become absolutely horrible until everything levels back out. thats bags, scrolls, raw mats, anything with dust/essence is going to drop off for a bit.

    the rare gems have all tanked completely. the only ones holding any value are red, purple, orange. and even these gems i'm sending out uncut in bulk to a JC friend for 300g to 500g a stack depending if its red orange or purple. so thats not much of a safety net.

    jewelry sales are far to slow and unreliable to use that as a safety net.

    This is what i think will happen considering my servers economy, also because i'm doing this. i buy all more ore under current price floor. The people who have massive stock piles like myself will liquidate on mass. i already am stuck at the point of just vendor selling all the uncommon and most of the rare gems simply because there isn't enough room to hold them all. i still make money this way so.. fair enough. i am going to keep massive stocks of nightstones, carns, jaspers, and to a much smaller degree zephs. i am going to look for ridiculously cheap dust/essence. if i can find hypnotic at 50g per stacka nd celestial at 10g per single i'll buy and hold them. i intend to stock a fair amount of rares and as long as herbs are cheap i'll stock those for transmutes. Ore will initially drop down cheap. not sure how cheap. but i will eventually figure out what price point i want to buy at and just stock it as well. after the markets flood ends and the bots have a hard time selling there hundreds of stacks a day (i usually buy 4-500 stacks myself so that alone will cause the market to fall a good bit) they might move on to more profitable things. the markets will normalize. those that are good at what they do witht he shuffle will be able to. those that aren;'t will get kicked from the market losing what they had in there.

    eventually this will turn back into wrath with infinite/cosmic. it'll be just fine for anyone whos been doing it before and have the means to back it. besides that buy going long on a few of these items while they are still ridiculously cheap will most likely make a tidy profit. all we are going to be doing is working without a safety net. this market will return to those that know how to manage risk and enjoy playing with it. either way though it will slow down. No one will be doing this with 500+ stacks a day. theres no way to keep up with it.

    (sorry missed the move thread post)

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    You can copy/paste and then edit this one out. Best to have all the convo's in one place.



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