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    Can a non-Cataclysm account sell Cataclysm items?


    I've been wanting to make a second account for some Horde to Alliance arbitrage. This decision would be easy for me if I didn't need Cataclysm (or Wotlk or Burning Crusade for that matter).

    If I need the expansions, then its not an automatic yes. So, does anyone know if you need the expansion to sell that expansion's items?

    Any answer is appreciated

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    Should be able to. And it wouldn't make sense otherwise.

    Here's a post I found saying you can trade Cataclysm items without a Cata account:

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    My second account is NOT upgraded to cataclysm, but I still use it to sell MFCs, new gems, new pvp gear, new 85 BOE epics, new engi pets etc This account is upgraded to WotLK, but I sincerely doubt this makes any difference.

    TL;DR Yes, you can sell all items without the relevant expansion.