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    What's your WOD gold-making progress report so far?

    I'm curious to hear which areas people have been investing their time in to make gold since the expansion arrived, and what sorts of profits you've been able to turn.

    After a lengthy break I came back to the game two days before launch and with very little gold left on my account. Despite not being as ready as I have been for previous xpacs I was determined to get back into the gold farming game.
    Things have gone well for me without being spectacular. I have four level 92+ characters churning out darkmoon cards, have made small amounts from enchants especially Shattered Hand, the Trading Post shuffle has netted me a few thousand (I sold three stacks of 100 Draenic Dust yesterday) but am yet to turn out any epic crafted items.
    Overall I've cleared a healthy 100k so far. Perhaps not as much as I was hoping to make but its been generated without much in the way of risk or capital investment.

    What's your experience been like so far?

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    100k from 7 hours of farming leather, price dropped a lot though so now i'm finishing my darkmoon/lw/bs army and getting some more toons to 100 in the process. All 36 toons are 92+ now, need to go for 96 for herb garden so i don't need to buy herbs anymore.

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    I had the first glyph of Travel on my server for 2 days.... 2-3k a pop. I banked almost 60K before anyone else learned it.

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    I've made about 150-200k doing the usual glyphs and enchants. Can't be bothered with alts right now, too boring.

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    About 120k from glyphs, another 80k or so from DMF trinkets/cards so far. Maybe 20-30k from other miscellany. Haven't expanded too much into other markets just yet.

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    ~61k from glyphs and ~60k from random things including Dust, Leather, Savage blood etc. I'm ready to craft 4 epics and have 3 decks for sale. I'm eager to sell them asap since the prices are dipping under 60k slowly. I'm definitely not happy with how everything turned out for me after all the preparation since I expected to sell my first batch of 4 epics at least 2 days ago - it seems Illidan was right again.
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    Right about 200k so far. Made a , barked it in trade once, and had 6 whispers immediately. Threw out a number of 125k, and that i had other interested in parties, had a guy offer 150k for it. Bought all of my for less than 2k, with many of them around 1500g during the week. Not a bad way to make about 120k profit. The other 80k is mostly from gouging the herb markets and DE'ing and selling all of my green, blue and purple quest items. It helps that I've got 2 level 100 toons, 1 96, 1 94, 1 92, and 3 91s, with an enchanter on a second account to use for DE'ing quest reqards.

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    Have a small trickle coming in from enchants and some profession mats I stockpiled, but nothing to write home on. Having a hard time trying to get blacksmithing operation off the ground.

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    I have a net profit of 400k only of Darkmoon cards. Startet from the first day with a non inscription lvl 100 and made cards... when i got the 100k mark i spent buying whole decks and selling them for round about 30k profit barking them in trade.

    Well i startet with 70k gold into wod and now i have 413k with 2 trinkets worth of 140k at the AH.

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    Insanely easy gold this expansion. It's not even remotely a challenge anymore.

    Because MANY people didn't realize that you don't need to wait for the Darkmoon Faire this expansion AND the fact that the Inscription decks have different names once transformed into the trinkets, I have made a killing on direct trinket sales. Many scribes (and I mean almost all) didn't realize this and just posted their cards individually for sale, not thinking they could make decks of their own, or trading/waiting to complete their own.

    Having the available capital, I just bought out all of their individual cards and starting hawking decks in trade. I made up four specific macros, one for each trinket. I did not associate them with inscription or the Faire at all in my macro. I just highlighted their ability to up your ilvl to start participating in Heroics and Molten Core.

    This week, I cleared 1.5m in net profit just from decks and I still have 11 trinkets and a bunch of gatekeeper cards (ones seemingly more rare on my server I kept out of reach for everyone) still left to sell. I should end up with well over 2 mil net once I clear the inventory.

    The first few days, a lack of knowledge helped me. The last few days, controlling the individual card market helped me. When people started arguing against my sales in trade, I would list individual cards (never made trinket until I had a buyer each time, keeping cards organized and individual) back on the AH at very high prices to make my completed decks seem like a huge bargain.

    I even had crazy situations like: Posting trade macros for 95k on cooldown and someone would buy one off the AH for 128k simultaneously. Never underestimate ignorace... I had one guy ask me for a price... "How much?" "95k or best offer" "Would you take 102k?" "um sure (group invite him asap)"

    Catchy macros, repeat buyers, and resource gating combined to one hell of a fun week.

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