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    Was watching CoffeeBird stream tonight with @Muffinus answering questions! Took notes

    These notes are from Alpha streams (CoffeeBird for this one, with Muffinus in the comments)

    • Junk items have a little coin icon in their icon to differentiate them
    • Bag sorting is implemented and works very well
    • New Void Storage Tab
    • New alchemy items that teach you WoD recipes similar to the 5.4 ones for BS, LW, Tailoring and Engineering
    • Timelost artifact and Orb of Deception in Toybox
    • Toybox achievements
    • Bags of Draenor herbs just dropped from the mob CoffeeBird killed.
    • part of the fun of the toybox is telling you where to get the items, like battle pets, it turns that entire system into a collection game which means you can get achivements etc. for it
    • Call to Arms spell: Summons helpers from your garrison. Active everywhere in Frostfire from what I can see
    • Quest item tab has been implemented. No more quest items in bag!

    • Garrisons have a portal back to Orgrimmar/Stormwind
    • Garrisons have Monuments, where you can display some of your accomplishments (major stuff)
    • Bank is a specialization/building, auctions are TBD - kind of like you going back to SW (there's a portal in your garrison) and seeing other players
    • Jeremy will we ever see Trade Chat in garrisons? Having to go to Org kills the vibe of the expansionTrade chat? Hmm, interesting idea.
    • Garrison PvP Vs Garrison is in the cards for the future, not for launch.
    • Darg - yes there are rare missions garrison rare missions
    • defense missions just give you specific rewards to that building, you can always bulldoze and make that building if you want those missions
    • the garrison system is flexibile, get a new building? bulldoze, make it, do some stuff!
    • How costly is bulldozing? Bam - TBD, kill a few rares and stuff and you should be good
    • Muffinus: but there are limit choices, some of which may not be a good idea to use, say for example having portals with a mage tower. (daily usage)Zigg: you have a LOT of plots, that's your choice - which things do you HAVE to have? Maybe you really want the Shredder Mark 2 when farming Ogre rep, or the mage portals when doing later patch raids.
    • War supplies for Garrisons you get them from rares, treasures, missions - tons of crap
    • Muffinus: (lol so many questions sorry to bombard, I am also loving heroes) Will you guys expand on garrisons in future wod patches? And it's a wod feature, will we see another garrison-eqsue thing moving on in other xpacs? Etnies: that's the plan, we'll see what the players want once they've experienced them firsthand.
    • Muffinus: I lied one last question, will we do more in the future in the wod time-line, or is draenor the end of it? short answer yes, long answer no
    • material will be easy to come by, but used for many things to build your garrison

    • Orgrimmar updates are WIP
    • Muffinus I understand you guys plan to release content faster, but I think 5.1 was too fast. Everything was still very new. Are you guys going try and keep that schedule for wod or change it a little? we'll see, WoD is incredibly packed with content, the release schedule should be smoother this time
    • Pre-expansion event: yes, it is a huge iron horde invasion, they destroy <!> and <!!!> and make it all the way to <HOLY CRAP> before <Thing> happens
    • Miniature Dark Portal in Orgrimmar leads to Frostfire (temporary? )
    • Karazhan isn't scaled yet health wise, and damage wise apparently (CoffeeBird went splat)
    • Muffinus: Possible that scaling old raids and dungeons up to lvl 100 could be in wod launch? Etnies: maybe, the tech is there, but probably not for launch
    • everyone starts in <***> then alliance goes to SMV and horde goes to FF Seems there is a zone where everyone starts. Old Shattrath maybe
    • Muffinus will there be a level 100 zone that houses the main cities, or are the main cities for horde and alliance in their respective zones? Also will there be auction houses there. TBD etnies, possibly Ashran
    • Lore spoiler: in ancient draenor, there are two groups that care nothing for the fate of men: the primals and the breakers. The primals are creatures that seek to cover the world in plantlife, the breakers to destroy all life and leave barren, broken rock. In Draenor, you'll see this battle, and shape its future, for better or for worse.
    • dang that sounds like a storyline right up my ally. can you say if it has anything to do with the fomorian (SP?) mobs that were datamined? fomor are actually called Magnaron, the demigods of the breakers.
    • there are only a handful of them, but they can rend the earth like mini-titans, and are ever at war with the over-growing primals

    • Muffinus likes the current talent system, combined with the Draenor perks, and hopes it stays
    • talents that aren't being chosen are actively tracked by our team
    • Sub-Races: maybe after char revamps, you've got a lot of new choices for looks now
    • some textures are causing issues, lots of new art going in
    • is there any new pet species we can tame that hasent already been shown you can spoil for us ? Ross: there are more planned, lots in Draenor already though (boars, ravagers, wasps, Rylaks, etc.)
    • Rares still put skulls on the world map, big plus for rare hunters!
    • Worgen rare called Clawtooth. Whether the worgen is a PH or not, unsure. Save a child from him and get a quest
    • Shaman Ghost wolf looks like the new model!

    • CoffeeBird sounds like Seth Rogan according to fiancee
    • I'm the darkmoon faire trainer I made my mage Muffinus way before classic was launched Muffinus
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    Brb, buying orbs of deception. I also have some leftover summoning pieces from the skyguard grind stacked somewhere, selling kills might be lucrative.

    I think blizz is going in the right direction with some of the changes, more void storage, no more annoying quest items eating up bag space.



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