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    Battle Pets MoP and WoD

    Quick question. I play on a relatively high pop server, and I have been buying and selling battle pets.

    Living fluids, from what I understand, are only obtainable through LFR. Do you think buying them around 4k is a safe investment? I can flip them for more than that but it may take a while. However 4k is not a dirt cheap investment for this item right now. However, I only see them increasing in value when WoD hits unless they change the way it drops. I want to control the price a bit by buying other peoples pets.

    Thanks for any help/advice.

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    I'd think buying a few around 4k is a relatively safe investment. I'd be weary of investing too much into them though, since there is always a chance the lfr only drop could be changed. I personally plan to pick up 2-3 extra to hang on to. If you do pick up several, make sure to keep an eye on upcoming patch notes so that if the drop is changed, you can be forewarned and plan accordingly.

    Are you using TUJ or anything else to help track pricing and quantities posted on your realm?

    Edit-If you haven't already seen these yet, here are two useful posts for pet selling:
    Guide to Profiting From Pets

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    I use it for pricing, but I didn't even think about checking quantities. /DUH Thanks!

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    I'll have to edit this later if I can find the source, but I think LFR-only pets will be added to the normal loot tables once WoD is released.

    Overall, I think ToT/SoO pets are good investments. How good might depend on how strong average 100's will be in terms of solo-ing capability of those raids. Also, I think this mainly goes for SoO, there are a lot of mechanics in place to prevent people from soloing or using small groups; blobs on immerseus, corruption / adds on norushen, prisons / tankswap on sha of pride, towers on galakras and so on.



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