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    Cool Merry Christmas to me and a big THANK YOU to the Consortium

    So this morning I log on, clean out ye ol' mailbox, check TUJ for deals, etc., and that's when I see it: [Invincible's Reins] had finally appeared on my little server's BMAH, and it was already up to almost a 300k bid.

    I waffled a bit, debating on playing the waiting game to perhaps bid once the auction time moved to short, but despite my server's low population I'm not the only one with deep pockets, alas. Then I mentally channeled my inner Gollum, I mean, Goblin, and said IT'S MINE! I promptly re-appropriated all the gold from my other toons (I keep 100k on each spare 90), flew to the BMAH, and dropped 999,999 on my future mount. ZERO REGRETS!

    And that's where the THANK YOU comes in; without the fine folks on this website, I'd have some spare gold to be sure, but nothing like the amount I've been able to generate in the last year or so. I only really started getting serious about gold making in late Cata. Your posts and comments on how to move, anticipate and react to the markets are invaluable and makes me glad I'm a contributing member.

    Let me just add, this is like the 3rd mount I've been able to buy off the BMAH, and there is no finer feeling then instantly outbidding other players constantly and NOT having to run back and forth to the mailbox to retrieve the gold.

    So Merry Christmas to me, and a Happy and hopefully Prosperous New Year to all of YOU fine Goblins!

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    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and Congratulations on your mount. It truly is an epic mount and the only mount in the game that I would literally pay through my nose for. The only thing I would even pay for and keep to learn it. I don't buy many things of the AH that I keep for myself or even want.

    That is actually my current goal I am working on. Just not sure how long it will take me to get there. I still have not gotten quite serious with gold making yet. I do casually play the AH and have made a fair bit. There is nothing in the game that I want as much as that mount.

    My first goal when I got into gold making late Cataclysm was . I really had wanted to get my hands on one of these since the longest time. I did pick it up shortly after. I've since picked up a few of them since to flip and for my future toons/alts.

    The Invincible's Reigns are a pretty rare sight. I've probably seen it only once before it started turning up on the BMAH. And I've seen it a couple times since then. But it just means a lot more than that to me. It pretty much sums up everything I loved about that expansion. What would only top this would be if the mount actually dropped of the Lich King himself.

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    Big congratulations!
    I'm hoping to grab this mount when it pops up next on my black market. Wrath has a lot of fond memories for me, and what girl doesn't want a winged horse...even if it's a little on the undead side (actually, that just makes it cooler).

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    Congrats, am still waiting for it to pop on our server, my gf is adamant she wants it, an considering how many times we've ran LK 25HC trying to get it, I would also rather just spend the gold tbh!

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    Thanks folks, I am really digging Invincible, he's replaced the Headless Horseman's Reins as my default mount. I also feel obligated to be "that guy" and hover two feet off the ground in front of the AH in Org, lol.

    Ebonheart, I've had decent success with [Battered Hilt]s. A couple I picked up off the BMAH at 10k and flipped for 20k; one I won on a bid-only auction for 300g and also flipped for 20k. They don't move immediately, but I toss out the occasional trade bark (feat of strength, epic questline, and cool xmog reward, etc) and eventually they sell.

    Also, don't wait, GET SERIOUS about gold making! You don't want Invincible showing up on your realm and not have the gold to immediately claim your mount right? Good luck!
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    This is excellent! Gratz on having your hard gold making work payoff in a big way!

    Just for the future, max bid to ensure you get a mount on the BMAH is 952,381 (since the bids go up in 5% increments, the next bid would be 1,000,000g 5s which is impossible to hold on one toon). I myself recently bid 954k (a bit higher, because I forgot what the number was and I was in a rush to get the bid up) on Mim's head and can assure you that the next bid wouldn't even register in the BMAH, just for all future cap purchases keep it in mind!

    It's really a great mount, and it's nice to be able to earn it doing grinding that you enjoy rather than running ICC 25H all the time.

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    @PhatLewts, I tried that on the BMAH and had to scramble together some more gold to outbid myself. Somehow it wasn't exactly 5%. 960K Should be safe. Maybe even 955K but after last time I wouldn't risk it unless someone tried 955K and confirmed.

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    Ah, good to know about the "real" max bid, lol. Though frankly the only other mount I'd drop that much gold on is the ZG Tiger and I don't see Blizz bringing that one to the BMAH but I'd be delighted to be wrong.

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    I capped it the day before Blizzcon on Khaz Modan. Was at 500k when I got to the bmah.

    I bought Mim's head in June for 275k. That was a steal!

    If the Naxx meta-achievement mount ever shows up that's the only thing left I would spend big money on. Well, that or Corrupted Ashbringer, but that's not an option =)

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    Merry Xmas fellow goblineers!