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    Flipping - The Dark Art to gold making

    Now I've actually gotten back into the game after a pretty long hiatus. I've never spent as much time as I currently am browsing through the AH and the other helpful websites trying to find that rare gem which I can flip.

    Now just a brief background about me. I've never really been big into gold making. Sure its easy once you know the basics and have the right add ons up and ready and organised. However, I just don't really have a very flexible schedule due to being in school and living with my parents. The last thing they want to see is me playing WoW. So I usually play with what time is afforded to me so I can be pretty limited in what I do.

    Even when I actually played the game, gold making wasn't something that really interested me. I never even knew that this side of the game even existed. My first 6 months in the game was pretty much spent switching between a few toons and then levelling my Death Knight and PUGs in WTLK. I got bit by the gold making bug sometime early Cataclysm when I got this BiS ring to drop from Heroic SFK. Sold it for around 26K back then pretty much immediately after putting in on the AH. Then I used that capital and invested in a couple crafting professions. Even after that I never really did much or put significant effort.

    I took a few breaks in between so I never quite actually got into things or even knew about this website. Now this last time, just before I did take a break, I came across this whole new world of "flipping" items. We all know how it works - Buy low, sell high.

    This is just my personal experience. But nothing in this game has brought me more returns or gold than the art of flipping. I am not sure if I am doing everything else wrong, but really this has got to be the easiest thing to do to make gold with the least effort. I've made much more gold from simply flipping items than from all my profits from all my professions combined. Sure I've made some significant losses early on, due to not being patient. But I can single handedly count them on my one hand and its not many. A mechano hog being one. I bought it from someone selling it on Trade Chat hoping to flip it on the AH. I probably took a small loss on that after for 3 consective weeks, there was a sudden increase in postings of the chopper.

    I don't really want to sound like a jerk saying this, but often times I actually feel really bad for the other person. When I first started I didn't really know that JC recipes, patterns, BoEs, etc were actually worth something. I would simply just vendor everything. I thought the vendor price was "free" gold for me. WoW was my first MMO. I didn't even know an AH existed the first few months. I am probably guessing I lost quite a bit of potential profits. So I can understand when someone lists something for really low not knowing its value.

    I've not really hit the "jackpot" to say. I've not like a big sudden windfall in earnings. My profits have been small in the 3-6K range but they've been a lot which have all added up. That is my next step on returning to the game. To find that gem, thebig one. I am always on the look out. I am still learning though. Still trying to see what is in demand. Recently I picked up the Plans: Admantium Weapon Chain for 1 gold. Sold it for 6.5K. Another one was the Feline Familiar pet. Bought it for 250G. Sold it for 4K. However, Nightblade was on the AH for 900G with a bid starting at 600G. I know this goes for a lot with transmog like 6-7K. I guess I wasn't really sure about this one, and bid 600G. Someone bought it out and it was back on the AH for 5.5K. Not sure if it has sold yet.

    So go ahead and share your experience in this field or if you have any tips, feel free to add them.

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    Flipping is one of my favorite things to do. I have made hundreds of thousands of gold just buying low level recipes and reselling. It is an exciting way to make gold. I have no moral issues with buying things for cheap and reselling for high; other people's ignorance is not my problem.

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    Flipping is a good way to make gold, especially if you don't want to build a stable of profession alts. It was probably the first way I really started making gold. I would buy the new crafting ingredient during ICC (forget the name but it cost like 23 justice/valor) out on the AH and relist it at a higher price. The one pitfall I've seen is that because it takes time sometimes to sell something, it can lock up your cash for a while. I had a friend buy out a TCG mount for 80k gold. Cost him every gold, silver, and copper he had. He relisted the mount for a much higher price. A week later it hadn't sold and he was still broke. Eventually I took it off of him for 1k more than he paid because I can afford to sit on a 81k investment for a whole expansion and not miss the gold. It took me two months but I sold that mount for a 80k profit. It worked out well for me in the end and my friend learned a lesson while making 1k gold in the process. But it is a mistake I see made over and over again. People invest more than they can afford in slow selling items.

    My problem is I'm not much of a gambler. I know the price of many things and if not can find it online easily enough. That said I would rather crank out 200 gems and weapon enchants or 500 glyphs and list them on the AH than buy a few pieces of green lvl 50 gear and relist higher for the transmoggers. I'm a manufacturer, not an investor.

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    Flipping is probably 90% of my income, and have been for the last year or so. I don't have the time to invest in the major "bulk" professions like glyphs and gems any more due to RL stuff and such. (I do my daily CDs on all my alts, I post my transmog a couple of times a week, and once in a while when I get a weekend off, I spend some time on stuff like tin ore->gems if I find a good deal on ore)
    When I get time to play, I actually play the game

    I love flipping. 10 minutes on the Mobile app 2-3 times a day yields 10-50k/ a week depending on what deals I find. Fast deals with a potential huge profit!

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    Hey there. First of all, welcome back to the game.

    I'm not sure what is the best way of explaining is, but in my mind I see flipping as a grayscale. On one end there are "white" items. They sell fast, but the profit you make off them are low. A good example of a "white" item would be buying out cheap gems and enchants when they are at or below crafting cost and sell them when prices go up when the demand is higher (raids resetting, popular raid nights). The investment is low, the profit per item is low, profit margins can be 100-500%, which is "ok" and most importantly; waiting times are low.

    The other end of the spectrum are "black" items. These are items like top transmog / recipes (possibly no longer obtainable) or TCG items that you could buy cheap on the AH and re-sell with crazy profits. The investment can be low or high, depending on your luck and liquid gold available, profit per item is very high, profit margin depending in your investment but the waiting times are high; it can literally take years to sell an item.

    I've mentioned two extremes, but of course there are flipping opportunities anywhere between them, hence the grayscale.

    Now with some numbers, I like numbers, the first one is randomly made up but should be accurate,the others are are based on my personal sales. On Wednesdays I try and reset a lot of gems for obvious reasons. If I find out my best selling gem is at 50g/gem, I buy out all of them. I spend 750g buying the 15 gems posted on the AH and repost them at 400g. After being undercut and reposting I manage to sell 15 gems of that cut at an average price of 150g, or 2250g in total. It's an easy 1500g profit that day, doubling my gold invested and triple the amount of gold spend per item. However, I am probably only able to do this once per week at most, meaning 214g profit per day.
    Now for one my best flips, I paid 5g for a transmog item, I managed to sell it for over 210k. The initial investment was low, profit margin insane but it took me 8 months to sell; still well over 800g profit pet day. I've also flipped a spectral tiger with a 120k profit. It took me 3 months to sell if I remember correctly, 1300g profit/day, but the initial investment was much higher and percentage wise the margin was much lower compared to my other flips.

    What I'm trying to say is that there are many items worth flipping if you have a. knowledge of the game and your server for quick flips. b. liquid gold available. c. patience, this is the key to successful flipping.



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