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    advice about TGC mount

    hi there guys like title says i need an advice abouta TGC mount

    last night a lev1 was selling TGC mounts in my server which u dont see any of those mounts i told a friend that and he came quickly to see if its tru and he bougth the blue spectral tiger for 200k and tought was a mistake or possible dupped bute he learned that moment and was hsi mount was there he payed and everything ok but mys question is now that he learned blizz can "erase" the mount that is alredy in book if is dupped? to be honest i dont want a motled drake for resale i want it for me cause i have a feldrake alredy and the price for the motled drake is 80k seems suspicious of course but i want for my own not for resale any advices will be apreciate thanks

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    Pretty certain this is against the terms but not sure.
    But you are 99 percent buying of a gold seller and yes they can delete it and possibly ban you.
    I think im right with this info but if wrong im sure to be corrected soon

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    I don't know why everyone assumes a great price means dupe. Usually when I see a great price I just assume the seller doesn't know what they're doing.

    But, if you think the mount is a dupe and you want to get ahead of the situation, then send in a report to Blizzard. They're more understanding of the situation if you try and make it right, and are willing to reverse the transaction.
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