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    Question bout Niche markets

    Hi all

    As you can see in in title I want to know a bit more bout niche markets.

    First of all,

    How can you find niche markets. Is it like something post all the items you have and see what sells the best?
    Or is it more analyzing websites and write down prices on a piece of paper for a few weeks?

    Also I have been google-ing for some guides or pointers but didn't found any.
    If you have some tips where I could find some websites/articles would you like to share them with me.

    Greetz and have a nice day.

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    Niche markets are often good because their not well known and therefor have little competition which also means they can be a little hard to find info on.

    A quick google of 'niche markets wow' brought up some good start points although many of the suggestions are a bit out of date but others are still very viable.
    There is a quite old guide from this site i found which will need a bit of picking through due to changes.e.g. the transmute quest has been updated so you no longer need primal might.

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    My best advice is go through profession skills in wowhead and check wow-professions as well because most people check it there. On wow professions, try to find some mats that I required in either a) very high ammount or b) very low ammount. Then try to 'control' those markets a little. For example I was crafting one LW kit yesterday and there were only some volatile earth at 30g each. They were all sold as I saw during the day while checking for more. Today there are hundreds at 1g each. Someone controlled it and got some gold. Stuff like that.
    Profession Kits - An Adventure to Millions
    Help and be helped, and we'll have a community.

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    oki thx alot all for the help.

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    Many of the niche markets I have discovered from leveling my alts and finding that I really needed something as I hit a certain level range or profession skill level.



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