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    why is it easier to scam with bop codes than boe though. idgi
    A redeemed and then sold item goes beyond what they would want to trace. As the buyer of the in game item, you have no idea what the source was. If anything, it is my opinion they would sanction the seller of the in game item that redeemed the code.

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    yeah just thought weird or illogical only applied to bop :/
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    Right now im sitting at a swift shorestrider which costed me barely 120,000 gold and a big battle bear under 100,000 gold 4 years ago. According to TUJ and TSM the [#item]Swift shorestrider[/item] is now worth 10,000,000 gold and the big battle bear 2,500,000 gold

    Looks like the banning of trade on official forums benefitted me a little lol
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    Holy necro.

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    Mother of necros. But then again, the dude did wait 4 years to sell them.
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