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    Transferring Servers

    I'll be transferring a character soon from Horde-Durotan to Horde-Proudmoore, and I welcome any advice on how to profit, or at least protect the value of my gold. For reference, I'm not in any great rush. I can wait for the next Darkmoon Faire to come around.

    My character has Inscription (all glyphs), Transmute Alchemy and about 45k gold.

    I have about 800 glyphs in a post/repost cycle and 1,300 ink (a mix of low level and Ink of Dreams). My first thought was to transfer the ink and leave the glpyhs on my bank alt for eventual sale on Durotan, with the profits to be transferred to the Ally side. Then it occurred to me that transferring stacks of profitable glyphs may be a better method. The downside would be that I'm sort of gambling that those glyphs will be the ones that stay profitable.

    I have some relics (11 Yu'lon, 5 Chi-ji, 3 Xuen, 1 Niuzao), and 103 darkmoon cards of 26 types. The prices of relics are similar on both servers. I'm also considering buying up cheap cards on Durotan that are less cheap than on Proudmoore.

    I also have: a bank tab full of spare glyphs, 263 Golden Lotus, about 50 Mists flasks, 76 Living Steel, Sutiru's Brazen Bulwark, 4k Volatile Life, and 213 Truegold. Most of it transfers favorably, price-wise, but I think that's irrelevant, since my goal is just to take what's most profitable per bag slot.

    The relics and the Bulwark are probably my best gold/slot (and most increase in value), followed by stacks of Living Steel and Truegold, so I'll be taking all of them. The Volatile Life is only about 700g a stack, but can be placed in an inscription bag. That could fill up whatever space is left after glyphs or ink is accounted for.

    So, my questions are:

    1a) Should I keep my gold liquid, or buy a few high priced items for resale with profit?
    1b) If so, any ideas what to buy (up to 40k)?
    2) Should I take stacks of glyphs, just take ink, or a mix?
    3) Is Volatile Life worth hanging on to, or should I just take more ink/glyphs?
    4a) Is there any advantage to crafting up Golden Lotus into flasks before transferring? (herb and flask prices are similar, gem prices are unprofitable)
    4b) If so, would temporarily respeccing to Elixir be worthwhile? My understanding is that with the 15% proc, and with 8 flasks spent on respeccing, that's 54 flasks crafted to break even. It would then cost 1,500g in Living Steel (about 19 flasks worth) to switch back to Transmute, so that adds another 125 flasks to make before that breaks even. I have enough herbs and Golden Lotus to do this.
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    1a+b) As 45k falls under the cap i believe i would say check the prices on both servers and convert/take anything which is cheaper on your current server to sell at a profit on your new server.
    It also depends on what you buy with it. If it is fast selling items then use up as much as possible. If you buy more expensive slow selling items then i would keep more liquid or you may find yourself low on liquid gold for a while.

    2) I would take high priced stacks of glyphs first, take some ink as that is very flexible and then it depends on what space you have. If there is a glyph camper on your new server it would be easier to liquidate inks than glyphs also.

    3) Depend on your new servers prices but i would probably go for ink by default as volatile life is a bit more niche but it could be worth taking a stack or two instead or if you have some left over space as you need 40 to make .

    4a+b) if prices are similar i would probably take the mats as they are more flexible to play with when you get there.
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    Would it not be easier and more convienent in game to do a guild bank transfer that way you can take all your items and give you storage on your new server once items start selling.

    the guild only needs to be level 2 and you will be able to transfer more items over (your gold is under the 50k threshold for character transfer)

    Personally I would take the Living Steel and Golden Lotus as they are current and should be similar gold per item (if not more profitable if bought on days that are cheap (weekends/before reset day) and sold(raid reset day)), before you take your glyphs or inks for glyphs you may want to check how hostile that market is for undercuts as you do not want to take glyphs over and then find you will need to camp to get sales.

    However I am sure a more experienced goblin especially in the art of glyphs will be along soon.

    EDIT: ^^^ See Fluffyrockers post above.

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    I appreciate the answers, Fluffy, they are very helpful.

    I've tested the glyph market with an alt I started there, been doing Minor Inscription for a few weeks. I've made a few thousand and was funding leveling my other alt's Jewelcrafting (it's expensive, but kinda fun to level with). The market is not as robust as I expected a full server to be. Most importantly, there doesn't seem to be a botter and/or no-lifer as there is on Durotan.

    Reviam, a guild transfer would be $10 more, and I'm too stingy for that.
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