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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    I am trying to start to make gold, why else would I be here. But struggling with starting up.

    I recently restarted playing and re rolled on a new server(Medium Pop) that a friend plays on. Panda just got to level 61 after a week,
    for professions I decided to go with JC and Mining, since I always hear a ton about ore shuffling figured it wouldn't hurt to
    try. JC couldn't keep up with me, and don't want to use current money to buy overpriced(in my opinion) mats to level it up right now.
    Mining though has made me a decent amount, so right now I am around 2K not that much.

    I have also tried reselling stuff on the AH, since that's also a common thing that people say they made a lot of gold off of. But a major problem with that for me is that I have no clue what to buy and resell. I usually look at different cloths and mats I feel are bought commonly, but besides that I am unsure of what to get. Bought out a lot of copper ore today also that was selling for 33s while bars were a little over double.

    Unsure of how to start up everything and start making gold. Everything I have read on here over past few days since I have found forum, makes it seem like it's pretty easy to do and everyone is making millions. Like the diary post on the first page of general discussion right now, granted they are a lot more experienced but they seem to be having a lot easier time in a new place then me.

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    When you start it really isn't easy. I think it's safe to say that everybody here, rich or poor, has had to go through a learning period. I certainly did. When I began I had no idea what I was doing, but through a lot of trial and error, and listening to those who were more experienced then myself (especially those here) I'm now sitting on more gold then I'm likely to spend.

    What server and faction are you playing on? That will help us give you more specific advice.

    In general, however, right now since you have so little gold you just need to build up that nest egg and just get yourself setup so you can play. You can start by doing some low level flipping now. Keep an eye on TUJ for good deals on your realm. You'd be amazed what people underprice. If you don't have your JC up much yet you might want to drop it and pick up another gathering profession like herbalism. As you level that'll be more gold for you, and you're going to need it, not only to make more, but for flying and such.

    As you are out leveling check out vendors for recipes and sell those on the AH. Don't underestimate lazyness. That's easy profit.

    Check out the following threads for more information about that. There might be more but this is what I came up with spur of the moment

    You have the right idea about flipping material. That has some potential. Just make sure when you do so that you are checking TUJ to see what the material is normally listed at. That'll give you an idea of when to buy and how much to sell for. Sell everything that drops. Cloth is great for that and you'll get tons. Double check the price of recipes you get as someof them could be worth a fortune. If transmog is worthwhile on your server, also check out the green armor drops you'll get until you hit Lich King content. If that doesn't look good to you, see if your friend has an enchanter so you can DE your greens and get something out of the dusts.

    After you hit Pandaland you can start doing the Ironpaw Shuffle.

    Thread detailing it here:[mop]-ironpaw-shuffle-basics.html

    Also, as you've rerolled you might have some worthwhile pets learned. A great many you can cage and sell on your new server for some cash. If you have gold on your other server you can buy, learn, cage, and sell in the same way as a means of moving gold.

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    I would read some of the gold blogs, become familiar with TUJ and Wowuction so that you can gain some understanding of the markets you are interested in and gain enough understanding where you can truly pick out some deals you can flip. Some items, while they may be a steal, can sit for a long time until someone is willing to pay what they are valued. If you are going with gems for the future, I would also begin working on a transmute spec alchemist.

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    The latest call to auction podcast is titled: Episode 50: Beginner's Tips

    This week, @Euripedes and @Stede address some of our emails that all seem to ask about gold-making with low (or relatively lower) capital. They also talk briefly about the 5.3 PTR, but as with anything on the PTR, anything and everything could change before 5.3 comes out.
    Here's the RSS feed for their episodes, and here's the iTunes link. You can also find them on iTunes by searching for "call to auction". To ask a question, simply email!

    They are also now on Youtube. Subscribe to their channel for live shows streamed from Google Hangouts On Air or watch the raw unedited audio from previous shows at

    **Please note I, jimmyolsenblues, have nothing to do with calltoauction, I am just a super fan of them**

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    Unless you have a really good feel for the composition of your server and their purchasing trends I would avoid flipping with a small amount of capital. Some flips can take a while to do and with a small amount of gold, I personally wouldn't be comfortable with having it tied up and not liquid.

    Depending on what level your JC is, I would probably just keep it and work on it later putting my energies into mining. Check your servers mining page on the TUJ. What lower level ores are in the lowest supply both in raw ore and bars? Spend a little time each day gathering and selling that. Mine as you level along. Go back and gather the materials you need to bring your JC up to speed. It takes far less gold outlay to powerlevel your own professions than it does to purchase them from others. As for the shuffle, it's true power to yield gold is based on the ability to transform ore into the most valuable product which means that multiple characters and professions are needed, specifically JC, Blacksmithing and Enchanting. With only a miner and JC, you are limited to farming the ore, prospecting, cutting and vendoring which might not always yield the most gold. That method worked in early Cata before the vendor price of cut uncommon gems got massively nerfed, but not now.

    Other advice I could give is fairly standard, loot everything, vendor the trash, auction the gear and cloth, don't buy gear or truly unnecessary items etc. If you don't already have a banker toon, then create one. Send him all your marketables and post to the AH. Get all the helpful addons (Postal, TSM etc). A couple of times a day scan your AH to develop your DB. Run vendor scans. You would be surprised at how many people post auctions (bid and/or buyout) below the vendor price. Buy/bid on all these. It may seem like peanuts but it can add up nicely over time for mere seconds of work. Regardless of how low prices might seem for gathered materials do not attempt to buy low prices auctions and reset the market price - trying to monopolize markets with a low barrier of entry is an easy way to lose all your gold.

    When you decide to add more characters to your stable (to provide more professions), take skinning on these toons during the levelling process. Leathers are always in short supply and high demand. You're going to be killing creatures anyway, might as well profit more off them.

    Don't take First Aid on characters with healing abilities, the cloth you gather from mobs is more valuable on the AH.

    Unless you have a strong and overriding desire to have complete professions, don't learn all the recipes from the trainer, only learn the ones you need to craft something to gain profession levels.

    And last but not least, the ability to keep increasing your gold depends on leverage. Rich players leverage their knowledge and/or their professions to the best of their ability and recognize that resting on their laurels is not an option. There is always something new to be learned, something new to be tried and new markets to be tested. Keep gathering information, keep taking notes, keep trying new things until you find those which are profitable.

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    Bunch of stuff sold today, so I'm up to around 4.5K. Just focusing more on leveling right now more than working at making my money, since it will be easier to make gold once I am a higher level. In cataclysm before transferring I was at 60K, it felt like a lot to me, but now it doesn't seem all that great of an accomplishment. But made a decent amount off enchants, which is how I have made a decent profit so far. Since generally mats are a lot cheaper than buying the scrolls off AH, so just ask an enchanter to enchant a few vellums with more popular raid enchants for me. Though right now waiting for what I have up to be bought.

    Tomorrow I may look at TUJ and post Ore/Bars with smaller quantities on the AH and see how it works out.

    I have one question about TSM, can't find answer in guides about it. But have heard people say you can, is how do I get it to post in different amount of stacks, so I can split my bars into auctions of for example 1,5, and 20.

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    The way your playing the enchant market was a good idea and is a great tip for anyone starting out.

    I dabbled with ore -> bars but in the majority of cases they are so cheap that it didn't seem worth investing a lot of time in even when being able to make a profit and sales (even on a big server) were sporadic.
    In the sub 60 range where gold is still handed out sparingly while leveling it is probably more attractive but in the 60+ range where gold is thrown at you while leveling small amounts become less relevant or worthwhile.

    You mentioned my diary so i don't have to rehash a lot of that but i have always advocated getting to high level asap as the best way to get started because in the 60+ range you get so much gold simply from leveling that you don't need to scrabble around on the AH to get yourself going. Some days i was getting 2-3k from just a couple of hours of simply questing...Having said that playing with the AH and learning stuff as you go is not a bad thing i just wouldn't focus on it as your main way to generate starting capital.

    As for the TSM question, it is a common one as unless something has changed it doesn't appear to be something you can do currently. I use auctionator for posting such things.

    Overall i would say your on the right track to making lots of gold as you have good ideas you just need to build up your starting capital to really get yourself going. The core to making lots of gold is thinking in the right way and you certainly seem to be doing that.
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    Extra note, i just added rep to Zuyx for his idea on selling enchants but it appears to have given him minus rep...trying to find someone to sort that out. Sorry Zuyx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thefluffyrocker View Post
    Extra note, i just added rep to Zuyx for his idea on selling enchants but it appears to have given him minus rep...trying to find someone to sort that out. Sorry Zuyx.

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    Figured I would just post here instead of making a new topic with questions.

    As an update I'm up to level 87, and 15K Gold.
    Generally just been selling what I have found through questing on AH, or vendoring other things.
    Probably wrong, but for the most part I have just vendored the greens I find in pandaria, should I be posting them? TSM says for most a market price of at least 100 for most. But the ones I have posted are yet to sell. I don't want to be spending however much gold just posting them everyday if they aren't going to sell.
    Haven't played a ton on the auction house besides emptying mail box and reposting. More concerned about leveling right now.

    Leveled my cooking to ~540 today pretty ridiculous you can max it out in like 15 minutes, and planted carrots so I can start the Wok specialization tomorrow.
    Did learn that the random animal cooking ingredients in MoP sell decently, this may have been common knowledge but
    usually in I never saw much of a market in the materials instead people just buying finished food for raiding, since most people
    never leveled cooking.

    Mining fell behind while I was in Northrend/Outlands, I never saw enough veins, and now that I am in Panda land I seem to see a ton
    of Ghost Iron. I don't know if they spawn more there or what but it seems like a ridiculous amount of veins. Probably going to buy faster mount speed, only at first level of flying, and level my mining so I can take advantage of all the ghost iron.

    On the topic of professions I am having two thoughts, after I get to 90 and play around some at max level, I want to make a Hunter. Thinking
    of going LW/Skinning for their professions, but on the otherhand I want someone with Enchanting/Tailoring. So two cases for my future, that are in my head
    at least for now.

    Case 1: Monk - Level mining to max -> Use mining to level JC(Only 127 right now) -> Drop Mining -> Pick up Enchanting
    Hunter - LW/Skinning
    Case 2: Monk - Keep Mining/JC level them at some point
    Cloth wearer more than likely warlock - Tailor/Enchanting

    I don't know what would be the better route in the process of making gold, I know though the main purpose of game is to have fun. Want a hunter more than cloth users.



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