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    Cool The Ultimate "Mote of Harmony" Farming Spot

    Hi everyone,

    After reading through all 8 pages of the thread titled: "Possible Mote of Harmony area"

    I noticed that no one put the spot that I am about to share with you in any of their posts.

    With that,

    The best spot... And I mean... The absolute best spot (I cannot imagine anything being better than this), is located at:

    Zhu's Watch in Krasarang Wilds

    Once you are there talk to "Ken-Ken." He is a monkey that is located underneath the balcony of the inn. (If you cannot talk to him right off the bat, do the quests at Zhu's Watch, until you can talk to him!)

    Once you can talk to him, complete all the quests that he provides up until this quest:

    "Zhu's Despair"

    Once you have this quest, Ken-Ken will begin following you around to assist you in killing these small mobs that will spawn in 3 different clusters. (As shown in the screen shot below)

    These mobs are:

    - Essence of Despair
    - HP: 92,000

    Once you can see and kill these mobs... Continue to grind them, even though the quest only calls for 8 kills total.

    (***** NEVER TURN THE QUEST IN *****)

    The great thing about these mobs is that you can kill them in just a few hits, and they respawn almost instantly.

    If you grind these for some time, you will farm out a plethora of "Motes of Harmony" + greens + gold!

    Furthermore, if you get tired of farming you can run your toon into the inn. Log off. Then upon your next login, drop the "Zhu's Despair"
    quest, and pick up the quest again! And BOOM, continue your farming until your eyes bleed!

    I did this on my level 87 warrior, and farmed out 160 Motes in 4 hours (Split up into 2 nights, at 2 hours per night).

    The reason behind me doing this was so that I could learn:

    All 16 Plate PVP -- Blacksmithing crafted pieces

    Also, One last little blip about this spot and the wealth that you can accrue... Upon DE'ing all of the greens that dropped, this is what I received:

    And those enchanting materials are dwindled quite a bit.. Because I am making this guide close to a week after actually farming the mobs.

    In addition to the pictures above.. Here is a short video that I composed that gives you a glimpse of the motes / wealth that you can accrue from this spot.


    Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this spot as much as I did!

    Have fun farming!

    - Basmastersix
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    You don't need to drop the quest. Just talk to Ken-Ken and select his "Let's do this!" dialogue and it re-phases you. As for DE'ing those greens, I select the best 83-85 items with at least 4 stats and post those on the AH for about 150G each. Stuff with 2 or 3 or if it has 4 with "Hit" gets vendored as the cash obtained from vendor sales out weighs the enchant mat prices I could get.

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    I actually remember reading about this spot somewhere, possibly here. I used this spot for a while on my DK to collecting JC Meta cuts. I ended up moving back to the turtles in VotFW because I felt like I was running around too much at Zhu's Watch, and the Turtle Meat was a plus as well.

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    Ah yes, You can just hit "Let's do this!", and it will re-phase you back into the fight! I didn't even realize that was there

    Also, about the greens.. Depending upon the server that is a great choice.. However, my server is very high population and very competitve on the AH. So, DE'ing and then turning those materials into high priced enchants that sell often is more beneficial.



    From what I understand the turtles have been "hot-fixed," from spawning instantly. So that farming spot (if it is the same one that I am thinking of, is "kur-plunk")

    - Basmastersix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basmastersix View Post

    From what I understand the turtles have been "hot-fixed," from spawning instantly. So that farming spot (if it is the same one that I am thinking of, is "kur-plunk")

    - Basmastersix
    Actually, it was after that hotfix when I went to farm them. My DK was my third character to level behind my main and my monk so the turtles had been fixed long before. They may not spawn instantly but they're not slow to spawn either. I could clear the left side of the lake, move to the right, and by the time the right was clear the left was back. My experience may be different, however, because I was on a level 86/87 character at the time instead of a raid-geared 90 AOE'ing everything.

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    I will check if I have already done this quest..I can't remember...
    Please.. If I have done the quest..what is the next best place?

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    I am not sure where the next "best" place would be, sorry.

    I have only used this spot to farm.

    - Basmastersix

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    This spot is incredible. I'm getting fantastic results using a demo lock. Kudos and +rep!
    "A buyer has been found..." - The most beautiful words in the World...of Warcraft.

    Check out my Goblineering Guides:

    | The Art of the Offer | Smelting Success

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    Thank you Argalin for your kind words!

    I am glad that you are enjoying it!

    I went back there today for fun, and in 1 pack I pulled 4 greens, 3 motes, and 2 vials that vendored for 18 gold!

    Happy farming all!

    - Basmastersix

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    Nice, +rep. One good thing about this quest&spot is that it's phased, so you will barely have any competition, from time to time people enter your phase, complete quest and leave you alone after.
    Got 36 motes (and some other stuff) in 1 hour, of which 20 min were covered by Potion of luck.
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