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    It's also useful to note that this spot is perfect for using the Guild Battle Standard.
    It's a flag you can buy from your friendly guild vendor that increases XP gain by 15% for 15 min duration (10 min cooldown!) in a 100yard AoE (which covers the whole spot). If you're farming here and you aren't 90 yet, that +15% XP with 100% uptime is insanely good (;

    I'd also like to put in my 2cents for the optimal route:

    Talk to Ken-ken to start quest
    Mount up, collect spawns from all 3 clusters
    Bring them to the well in the centre (I plant my guild standard there to make it even more noticeable, it gets a little confusing after so much of going round and round)
    Kill them all there, taking care to hug the well (this ensures you do not aggro any newly spawned ones)
    Mount up, repeat.

    I was able to do this on a Level 86~387 iLvl Blood DK with pretty safe HP levels (used Death Pact every 3-4 pulls).

    Upon further testing, it seems like when you initially start the encounter, the max concurrent number of Essences is somewhere between 10 to 12. It's possible to increase this (I was able to make it go up to 15) but I'm not sure exactly how. I think it has something to do with killing 1 or 2 Essences and then killing their respawned versions together with the whole lot.
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    Hey everyone,

    I just want to thank everyone for their positive comments regarding this guide! I am so glad that it is helping everyone in such great ways

    Also, I went back today and farmed for 20 more minutes, using 1 Potion of Luck.. and I got this from just 1 of many pulls:

    - Basmastersix
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    I want to add a couple of thumbs up for this spot as well. Farming with the Potion of Luck is pretty amazing, and just the xp alone would have been worth it for me. Unfortunately my alt dinged 88 after another grinding session and the xp is now reduced. On to the next alt I guess!

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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to post another video for all of you regarding this spot. Last night a buddy of mine and me farmed for about an hour and a half - two hours and we accrued:

    - 1,182 gold (Vendorables)
    - 7 Stacks of enchanting dust (From DE'ing items)
    - 18 Spirits of Harmony
    - 5 Stacks of Trillium ore (From the "Plundered Chests" -- which drop from the potions of luck)
    - 1 Stack of exotic leather
    - 2 BOE blues
    - 94% of an entire level. (I went from 0 bars into level 88.. To.. 2 Bars till level 89)


    In this short video, I give you guys a taste of the possibilities that this area holds if you farm it as efficient as the both of us did last night! (We figured out the sweet spot ... And how Rain of Fire = "Winning" lol)

    With that, I hope you enjoy!


    Happy Farming!

    - Basmastersix
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    Just wanted to add another positive comment for this location. I hadn't thought of the battle standard, so thanks for that @nyxnyxnyx! I particularly like the very limited competition due to its phased nature! Thanks @Basmastersix!

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    Been doing this for 20 mins now with potion of luck, Heres the resaults:

    14 boxes
    1 blue
    7 greens
    20 motes of harmony

    Currently theres me and a other stormspire reader there

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    So glad to hear that you guys are getting great results!

    - Basmastersix

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    I think this has been hotfixed as of 11pm PST.

    It worked earlier in the day, now mobs spawn a lot slower, and usually only 2 or so at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arduous View Post
    I think this has been hotfixed as of 11pm PST.

    It worked earlier in the day, now mobs spawn a lot slower, and usually only 2 or so at a time.
    The fix might not be on EU servers yet, i see the same spawn rate. the drop rate seems still ok.
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    Hi everyone,

    Upon reading the post about the supposed "hotfix," I went on my warrior and tested this spot out again.

    My results:

    - Same spawn rate
    - Same loot tables

    My conclusion:

    - There has been no "hot fix" as of:
    - Monday, December 24, 2012 --- At: 11:16, Eastern Standard Time

    Happy farming!

    - Basmastersix



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