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Thread: Tin Ore

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    Tin Ore

    I'm having a hard time finding a good spot to mine and while browsing wowhead for a good spot i noticed that it's not quite updated yet. So any tips?

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    Nobody ever replied here so I will...

    Ores are now distributed evenly in various zones rather than sparsely distributed among other minerals in various zones. Tin will be found heavily distributed in 20-30 zones. For example, Southshore and Arathi Highlands are considered 20-25 and 25-30 zones. Certain zones will be half and halfs, like Hinterlands will offer Tin and Iron, and EPL will offer Iron and Mithril.

    It was my experience while leveling my reroll warrior that locating veins is now on par with being able to color within the lines. Or more in line with how mining nodes have worked for Outlands and Northrend whereby you will only find certain veins in certain areas and not the hodgepodge of tin/iron/mithril in one area. Once flying mounts become accessible the days of overpriced ores of any variety are going to be gone forever. I was riding through Swamp of Sorrows and saw vein after vein of Rich Thorium, too... part of me is disgusted and the other half is thrilled.

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    For those leveling up mining etc i can wholeheartedly recomend going to the nothern part of northern stv. Around kurzens camp, the tin in the cave respawns pretty fast and is usually back if you do a quick sweep of the area after cleaning out the cave.

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    You can completely bypass 65-140 (and other levels) just by smelting. Very well worth the gold, if you ask me.
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    Smelt smelt smelt!

    Levelling mining is a time consuming and wasteful exercise (in terms of time anyway.)

    If you're powerlevelling the profession, level it up to 375 by smelting and then mine fel iron/adamanitite in outland and cobalt in Northrend.

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    If your not power leveling mining and leveling it as you level it's not a waste of time. Just remember if you level an ore into the green level the XP received from mining becomes so minimal I would ignore nodes till you hit the next zone(or a rare ore node pops up).
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    I recently just powerleveled my mining/herbing shammy over the past couple of days and Southshore/Ruins of Alterac were the best places for it. The caves had a plethora of it, especially the Yeti cave north of the Ruins of Southshore. Almost Gaming has some great maps for mining routes if you want to be out in the fresh air away from those dirty auctioneers. :P

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    may as well throw in 2c worth.

    smelting even works at Cata skill levels.
    i used ore from my 85 miner to power level my 80 miner.
    450-> 475 with obsidium
    475-> 500 with elementium
    500-> 505 (so far) with hardened elementium (though i will likely get further when my BS needs this material)

    skillups were green all the way but i needed the bars for BS anyhow.

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    If you are mining tin and smelting it for pure skill-up purposes then I suggest combining tin+copper to make money. I did some tin/copper shuffling in the two weeks ago and the profit margin was pretty high.