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    45-90 Motes of Harmony per hour

    Ok, so after many hours of farming turtles thought I would share a little. At first I was going to post this in the other thread discussing farming, but decided it was worthy of its own thread. My only worry is that this is too good, and a nerf will come. Almost hate to say anything, ah well, enjoy it while the getting is good.

    I did this with my warlock, I cannot see any other class being able to make the kinds of pulls a warlock can, whether it is farming by yourself, or with a friend. Ranged instant dot/instat cast aoe, no other class in the game can come close to doing this on this level. If you do not have a warlock, find a warlock friend, teach them the info I outline below and drag them out for some mote farming.

    What this is about is farming Wyrmhorn turtles next to the Pools of Purity in Valley of the Four Winds for . I hate farming, hate it... hate hate hate it. There are times though, when I will get dirty, this is one of them. I wanted all the new JC recipes, and I want them now, do not want to wait. So, yes, I am farming, but it is for something I find a value in and worth my time. In the end, it was a ton of fun and I had a great time with a couple friends while gathering all the motes I needed.

    The great part about these turtles is the faster you kill them, the faster they respawn. When you first get there and start killing, it can take 5-10 minutes to really get the respawns rolling. Remember, these are level 86 mobs with 110k HP, they die fast. As the spawn timer gets faster and faster, I literally was GCD (global cool down) locked. More mobs than I could dot, this is rare for a lock like me, and amazing all at the same time. For the first 5-10 minutes you may have to move around a little to tag mobs, once you get the respawn time burning you do not need to move, at all as a caster. Just stand in one place, and farm like you have never farmed before. Remember, I hate farming, hate it, can't stand it. This kinda farming is very different. Another nice thing about this spot is there is enough room for 2-3 groups to be farming these.

    Be sure you have big bags, 100 open slots and I was still full in a half hour.
    Buy from Halfhill, you use these to turn meat into Ironpaw Tokens. I would buy 80 or so at a time, that is 4 stacks of groceries instead of 80 stacks of meat. Hot key the container and cast now and then (one click between every 10th or so dps cast) to make room in your bags
    Have a vendor mount, you will need to vendor trash roughly every 30 minutes if you have 100 open slots.
    Bring a friend who is a skinner (keep them out of your group, their reward is the leather).

    I play affliction on my lock, so that is how I started all this. I can play destro, but not well enough to do what was shown in the video in the other thread about farming sprites. Affliction though, that is my baby. Two dots is all you need to kill these, I would just cast corruption and agony, or soulburn/soulswap for instant all three dots. Having nameplates visible makes swapping from one target to the next the easiest. I farmed this way for a few hours by myself with really good drop rates.

    Another style I tried was working with a friend, I would single dot targets, they would stand on me and kill/aoe them down. This worked out really well.

    Lastly, and most rewarding, I switched to destro while having a friend with me. Destro now has instant cast rain of fire, combine this with the talent [Mannoroth's Fury] (increases the area of your area of effect spells by 500%) and you have a huge instant cast rain of fire, it is crazy. You can pull all mobs 45-50 yards in every direction with 6 global cooldowns.

    The rewards:

    By myself as affliction: 45-60 motes per hour.

    Affliction one dot pull with friend: 55-70 motes per hour each.
    Affliction one dot pull with 2 friends: 50-60 motes per hour each.

    Destro OMG that rain of fire targeting circle is huge with friend: 65-90 motes per hour each.

    The DPS friends I had with me, one was a mage, but we had to slow down now and then to heal up. Another one I had with me was a dps monk, but whatever it is monks do, we never dropped below 90% health, even while they were doing 70k dps for an hour straight. Not really sure how many mobs we had going at one time, if I had to guess it would be around 30-40 active mobs when we peaked, in various states from just being tagged to dieing in the pile and this rate could continue for as long as we were willing to sit there.

    I used 5 , 3 while solo, 2 with one friend. These are spendy, but I was getting 55 boxes per hour, which came out to 2 stacks of trillium ore tons of cloth, gold, a few greens and a couple extra motes. They paid for themselves in extra mats, but I hate the time spent opening the damn things and cluttering up your bags.

    500+ Ironpaw Tokens from the turtle meat.

    Crap tons of greens..... tons of them, at first I was going to DE them, then realized they vendored for far more than the DE mats are worth, so screw it, vendor it is.

    Vendor trash grey items, 75-100g in vendor trash every 20 minutes.

    Skinning: The skinner (or multiple skinners) have one job, skin skin skin, no dps needed from them at all. I would not let a skinner be in my group since they would share mote loot and I was being greedy. However, a couple guildies with level 85 alts, I let them join the group but they were asked nicely (but strictly) not to loot mobs, they got the free mob kill exp to help in the leveling (60% of level 85-86 in one hour from killing these mobs as fast as we did), and got more leather than they knew what to do with. Had a few different skinners out with me. First couple got 35 stacks of leather and 10 stacks of scales per hour. Another skinner, who was worgen with much faster skinning got 40+ stacks of leather and 12 stacks of scales per hour. There were times I did not have a skinner along, and other people in the area would skin. One guy paid 1,000g just as a thank you for all the leather he got from our mobs. Another time, we had 3 skinners going full time and still could not keep up with all the mobs, there was still a massive pile, massive, the respawns are just that fast.

    Oh, and I have all the JC recipes now, not that I will craft most of them, but I got 'em.

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    Thanks for sharing. I will definetly give this a try. You mentioned you have all the JC recipes now. Did u buy with the motes or did you get the random dropped recipes?

    NVM didnt notice the spell to learn recipes. durr.
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    I'm also curious which JC recipes you were referring to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziphrale View Post
    You mentioned you have all the JC recipes now. Did u buy with the motes or did you get the random dropped recipes?
    I thought only the meta patterns were drops and the normals were either learned from the daily or from the research that isn't on a cooldown and requires three dailies...

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    I believe he means that he got the meta drops, and used all the motes to research the rest. I'm very jealous of this! Too bad my JC is a ret/holy pally

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnigmaticClarity View Post
    I thought only the meta patterns were drops and the normals were either learned from the daily or from the research that isn't on a cooldown and requires three dailies...
    He did say he was farming motes. Maybe he used them to bypass the daily JC CD?

    I can add that while we may not be able to get the sheer number of mobs at once as he describes, as a hunter, having you pet stand in one spot and Misdirecting all the mobs to him works out pretty great in this spot.

    also, if you still need XP you can plant your Guild XP flag on the one little island close to shore and not ever be out of range of it.

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    Any class with some reasonable AE ability can do this pretty easy. I do it on a Frost DK and Ret paladin all the time, but I don't think I get quite as many motes per hour.

    Still, this is definitely one of the better spots.

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    It can also be used to grind experience up to level 87 to be honest. Two decently complimentary classes at level 85 can grind it fairly well. Drop a guild tabard and go wild. Good for levelling alts. At level 87 you can head to kun-lai and buy some green gear from a vendor if need be.

    So at that point you're grinding motes, experience, raw turtle meat and if you're a JC meta designs.

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    I would thank you for sharing even though I already know this, but my server is 90% alliance, and now they're camping it... -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by siren View Post
    no other class in the game can come close to doing this on this level.
    Orly? Not even a shadow priest like myself? XD

    Either way, this is excellent! I've been poking around various spots myself and been telling myself I really need to farm up motes and get crackin on crafting and researching. But, I've also been poking around with other things...

    This though, I love how you not only gave us a great mote spot, but you went ahead and gave us additional advice to make the absolute most of this spot. 500 ironpaw tokens? Wow. Love it!
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