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    Possible Mote of Harmony area

    This is now confirmed as a viable farming location.

    The place you are looking for is Howlingwind Cavern ( the mob is called Mischievous Snow Sprite it has 161k and are found all over the cave, some are under a Suspicious Snow Pile just walk over it or attack it to make the mob appear.

    @Faid was kind enough to make a video demonstrating how effective the place really is

    Happy farming!
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    The statistical sample is very small to make an assessment. Have you been there again?

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    I plan on going back once i hit 90, i was just posting cause i thought it would be worth taking a look at. i only get a mote every 80 - 100 mobs or so and when i was in there it seemed i got one every 10 or so.

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    I'll pop in there and check it out today, and report back. Thanks for the possible heads up. :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanky View Post
    I'll pop in there and check it out today, and report back. Thanks for the possible heads up. :-D
    If you're feeling crazy pop a potion of luck before you go and report back i'm doing my own experiments with it but would love more feedback.
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    Do potions of luck increase mote drop rate?

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    I was farming cloth in the rabbit infested area in Valley of the 4 Winds and got 16 motes in 1 hour there. Maybe I was just extremely lucky, but it seemed like a lot to me, not to mention I had enough for 80 bolts of cloth by the time I was done as well.

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    ah yeah forgot to mention the buttload of cloth

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    I'm definitely on board with this spot. Only place I've been able to effectively farm motes on my mage. Mob you're looking for is Mischievous Snow Sprite. They're also hiding in the piles of snow on the ground, which are found in clumps and can be aoe'd down pretty easily.

    Not as good as the Yak spot, but definitely doable by any class at 85.



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