Back before most of my money came from playing the auction house, the brunt of it was pure herb farming. This is how I paid off my epic flight training, and with epic flying it became all the more easy.

I've tried many places for farming herbs, but I've always stuck with this one for a few key reasons:

1) The loop is the perfect length. Once you get good at it, you'll be back in time just to catch the respawns. No waiting at all.

2) The herbs gathered in Storm Peaks are simply the most valuable ones. If you have an alchemist, you'll be able to churn out a ton of Frost Wyrm flasks, and if you get some goldclover endless rage is easy to do as well.

3) This route is actually an adaptation of a Time-Lost Proto Drake hunting route. It covers the major spawn points of three rare-spawn mobs: Skoll, Dirkee, and TLPD of course. Look up the AddOn "NPCscan" if you don't have it already.

4) The route is fluid and intuitive once you get the hang of it. It'll basically become auto-pilot once you have it down.

5) If you're also a miner, the ore spawn points line up very well with the herb spawn points so that, once you know the route, you know exactly when to flip on mineral tracking.

The route:

Key Points:

-The way herbs spawn is a bit tricky. If you use an AddOn such as gatherer, you'll often notice that there are many, many more spawn points than there are herbs, even if no one is ever picking them. You'd assume at first glance that if no one picked any herbs, tons and tons would grow, but it is not so.

Herb spawn points are connected in what I like to call "clusters". Generally, all spawn points in a concentrated area are linked, and only one or two herbs from that cluster will be active at any one moment. When one herb is picked, it takes between 5-7 minutes for another herb from that cluster to spawn. The exact node it spawns at seems to be completely random.

For this reason, get to know your clusters well. Use gatherer and really take note of where they are. When you're doing a fly-by, fly directly through the cluster so that you herb tracking takes a gander at every one of them.

-The valley leading up to Dun Niffelem is often very concentrated, but tracking usually doesn't reach both sides. Zig-zag a little bit for best exposure.

-There are ore spawn points noted on the map. If you're a miner, make a macro with the following:

/castsequence Track Herbs, Track Minerals

Hotkey this and press it to activate your mining every time you fly by a marked spot. There may be a couple I missed, so a few circuits with track minerals active for the whole time may be beneficial. Ore spawns work with the same cluster system herbs use. Use the alternate mining route every time - Narvir's Cradle ofen has 2 or three ore nodes, and if you're going up that way, doing a circle around snowdrift plains may yield another herb node or two.


I'm out of the farming business, so I'm comfortable sharing this with everyone. Hopefully someone gets some use out of this! I know it seems counterintuitive since it's such a simple thing, but farming efficiency really can take practice to reach its height.

Good luck!