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    AoE Netherweave Farming

    Hey everyone, today while flying around on my paladin, I came across a great spot for mass AoE pulls to get netherweave cloth. I really suggest only doing this on Paladin to get the most gold out of it.

    So as you can see on this map, I have three spots marked outside of the Black Temple. As a paladin I can finish one pull so quickly that I have to go to the other two spots while waiting for respawns.

    Red Route: On the red spot marked on the map, you'll be killing [npc]Demon Hunter Supplicant[/npc]s. Usually I just pick up the ones on the north spot of where the red circle starts, and then just make one pull down to the southern part of the circle. There isn't much to say about this pull, however there is one other mob to kill. [npc]Netharel[/npc] which is a level 70 elite that wanders in this area, can be worth your time to kill. If you take a look at my drops at the end of this post, you'll see that I got two rare items from him.

    Purple Route: This route is actually the largest pull here. Infact, the whole line drawn is just one pull. Start out at the eastern part of the line, where there is three [npc]Sunfury Eradicator[/npc]. Pull these in any way, and then run west down the path, picking up any mobs along the way. While doing this, use consecration whenever the cooldown is finished. Don't worry about killing them though, for they are constantly healing themselves.
    When you get to the end of the path, turn south and continue what you've been doing. All the mobs you've picked up should have stayed with you so far. This path going south shouldn't last long, and you should have gone to a corner, which turns you north, going downhill to the main part of the Black Temple. On this path I just go down one side, then back up to grab all the mobs. Finally, you can AoE them all down and loot.

    Yellow Route: While this pull is shorter, it's the same concept as the purple route. Start at the eastern part of the line, past the first turn, and then AoE at the stairs. These mobs, however, do not heal themselves, so keep moving so they don't stand in AoE for to long.

    Once you've gone through all three of these routes, you can fly back to the one you started at and repeat the process. On the map, I also marked a white star, which is where I mail off my items when I have full bags. I might be wrong, but I think you have to be atleast friendly with the scryers to not get attacked.

    Below are what I got while experimenting around with this spot for ABOUT an hour.
    10 greens (31 , 1 , and 1 ) 70g
    64 30g
    (Blue BoE) 50g
    7 70g
    17 Stacks Of 100g
    50-100g in coin/vendor drops 75g

    While you're not guarenteed to get the design I got, you usually get atleast one blue item per run. The coin drops are closer to the 100g side because each mob drops 10-20s each, and you're killing so many. However without the design, I came out with about 350g-400g per hour of mass AoE pulls.
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    The area where the Demon Hunter Supplicants are is the reason I made a paly. I saw a video of a 70 paly pulling that whole area and it looked like a ton of fun. You seem to do very well there. They actually nerfed the drop rates of alot of items in that spot due to being over farmed.



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