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Thread: Whiptail route

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    Whiptail route

    Just thought I would share a well known secret farming route in uldum with all my friends here. One circle on this route takes ~45 secs on a 310 mount and will produce between 1-4 spawns, sometimes more. Even if you have someone else flying the route with you the spawn timers are very fast. I don't think I have ever made a loop without a spawn even with other farmers competing for the herbs!

    Here is my route

    This is located in the delta in Uldum here

    Granted I don't like to pick my own flowers very much but when my AH gets stupid prices of 150g a stack for tier 1 herbs and I need some ink this is a great place to go. You can also fly back up the left side to the dam and make a loop but I seem to have better Herbs/per hour (lol if thats the way to say it) just staying in the delta and flying a circle.

    Happy picking

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    This is indeed a great route. I have used it myself on the odd occasion i herb myself.

    Time is money, friend!



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