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    Whats the Most Cost Effective Way to Farm Heavenly Shards?

    All of the time on my server, Heavenly Shard's are bought out completely, and rise to 100g ea, with only about 10 in all listed on AH.

    So i was wanting to ask you guys, what is the most cost effective way of farming heavenly shards. By farming i mean, Crafting blue's then DE'ing.

    Prices of Volatiles on my server

    Volatile Water- 5g
    Volatile Fire- 10g
    Volatile Earth-10g
    Volatile Air- 16g
    Volatile Life- 3g

    Upon glance, it seems that Blacksmithing's "Ornate Pyrium Bracers" may be the cheapest, 8 Elementium Bar and 10 Volatile Water.

    Leather is not a option as it's very expensive on my server. Ore is cheap so that's why i focused on BS'ing

    Cloth's going for about 50g stack, or 400g stack of bolts

    What do you guys do to farm Shards?

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    Take a look at the JC jewelry, at 100g heavenly shards you should be able to make a profit.

    will give you heavenly shards while will give you small heavenly shards.
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    Those are Greens :/ maybe out of 20 i get 2 blue's. But it's definately something to try out.


    EDIT: After making 30 Nightstone Choker's, i got 1 blue. :\
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    I haven't had to farm heavenly shards yet, but the pyrium bracers sound like a solid choice until the new JC jewelery designs reach live with 4.2 Alternatively you can search for rare quality cataclysm items that are < 100g.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverb View Post
    Alternatively you can search for rare quality cataclysm items that are < 100g.
    Thinking this would never happen, I never bothered to look. But after reading I checked anyway, and found 15 for prices between 30-60g. Definatly keep an eye open for these hidden profits.

    Edit: Found a ton of and for 30-40g each too!
    Thanks AEG and Reverb
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    Based on the overall cloth prices, Tailoring is often the best "craft for DE" route. While you're at it, I would look at things like or since there can often be some nice DE potential from mid-level tailoring as well.

    Also, out of curiosity, what would the returns look like on a 100g heavenly shard? Are the people that are buying the cheaper ones the main competition in the scroll market, or is there still room for profit?
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    I've been making in bulk for my shards (2 Folded Obsidium, 8 Elementium Bar). Anything volatile-based will be a non-starter with my server's prices, but we've got Elementium coming out of our ears.

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    mats for all crafts are too high on the server I'm at, but there's a steady supply of crafted blues going for much less than shards sell for, I clean up the market every few days

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    Check this post by carlos at JMTC depending on your ore prices you could be swimming in shards, that is if you have a BS.

    edit: oops I missed Z-mans post sorry for the redundant info
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    I believe holiday boss loot can be de'd. Just be ready for the midsummer festival grind. 30 days until it's here.

    Shards got crazy cheap on my server during the Love is in the Air event.
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