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    Worth it to farm books of glyph mastery?

    I was just wondering what people thought about farming these books? I'm making a scribe and it would be quite nice if farming them was doable. Best/convenient place to farm them? Thanks.
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    From what I've read, the best drop rate by far are Northrend chest spawns. I can't help with locations, but a gathering addon with a populated database is probably your best bet.

    For myself, I farmed the AH for them; anything under 250g, then anything under 500g. I have about 10 minor dailies and 20 major dailies to go, but only 3 books left to read.

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    It's a northrend world drop, so it's not something that's really farmable. You are much better off sell wares and farming the auction house, even though it s going to be fairly expensive to do so. Setup an undermine journal notification for the books.

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    Seconded, TUJ is the way to go. I once picked up 8 for 25g each; patience is the key here.

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    I definitely agree with TUJ notifications, you can snipe some nice cheap ones.

    If you do go the farming route, I ended up with two after a small amount of time farming here, it seems like a pretty good bet of one of the better places to farm them. It's a lot like farming Pristine Black Diamonds though; farming "world drops" can be very very frustrating unless you hit a lucky streak. =]

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    TUJ notifications are great.... if your on a US server.

    /wtb TUJ EU willing to pay lots

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    If your going to farm for them, farm something that gives you a reasonably guaranteed amount of gold and buy them when you see them.
    As they are a world drop, you could theoretically never ever see one drop and certainly aren't likely to ever get enough books to drop to learn all the patterns.e.g. I have 8 1/2 alts that have been through northrend and i only remember seeing a book drop for me once in an instance and once in the outside world.

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    If new glyphs are going to be coming out, what would be a good price to buy them out at now to resell at the next patch?

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    I'm buying anything under 500g to finish learning current glyphs (3 to go), and after that I'll be buying anything below 250g again to hold for flipping at (hopefully) 1k when demand is there. They stack, which helps a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darraxus View Post
    If new glyphs are going to be coming out, what would be a good price to buy them out at now to resell at the next patch?
    I can only recall 1 new glyph. Did I miss some patch notes?
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