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Thread: Is it just me

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    Is it just me

    or has anybody else noticed a large increase in elementium geodes they randomly receive while farming ore in twilight highlands? It took me nearly 2 weeks to get a single one. yet in the past 2 weeks ive gotten about 6 of them. Generally 1 geode every 1-2 times i mine until my bags are full. i odnt know. it just seems like they have increased the drop rates...

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    I can't speak from the perspective of the farmer. But I haven't seen any drastic changes in the number of available Geodes on the AH, if that helps you. I would guess that you have just been very lucky... quick buy some Mysterious Fortune Cards

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    I have also noticed an increase since about two weeks ago.

    Been buying them on bids around 100g on weekends. Flipped 1 for 400g and learned another on my main. now i have 3 left. I hope they sell well when the new pet Achievements are implemented.

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    These things have been all over the place for me. I've been snatching any under 200g. One day there will be 8 up for ~200-500g and the next day there will be one up for 800g! Stockpile them for 4.1 and sell them for a mark-up you lucky miner you :P
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    yea, I've noticed a small influx of them on the AH as well, at really cheap prices... there are 7 up right now for under 200g each. I was buying up any under 250g for a short while, but now I've stopped... I don't want to have 50 of them stockpiled at this point. Curious to see what happens with them. If ore farmers do disappear some and switch to herbs, then we could see a price hike on the Geodes. That and the new pet achieves could help some too.

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    he he, just sold another one for 409g

    if they are cheap, buy em up!
    Time is money, friend!

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    I also noticed a couple more pets on the AH the last few weeks. Been flipping them for 300-400g, while buying them at 100g or below.

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    I am buying them at 300g or less and holding them until much later.