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Thread: Northrend ore

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    Northrend ore

    Hi all

    I just wanted to share a situation happening atm on my server in hopes that it may help out others aswell. Cobalt and saronite ore/bars have reached very low levels on my server and such I have been unloading my stock piles in bar form and buying up cheap ore from AH. I estimate that farming for ore to be worth 2-3k an hour in this current state.

    Anyway guess following this my question to everyone here is - Whats your ore/bar market looking like for northrend mats? Can you do what I'm doing and add a nice new niche market to your portfolio of sales? I hope my experience with this can help someone out. I also think its a great way for a newer player to perhaps make that jump from poor to comfortable income wise.
    And I love the shuffle feel to it aswell when buying ore to smelt.

    Alright thanks guys... Vaetuun
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    Saronite Bars and Titanium are both high on my server. Just beware of the posting fees on saronite.
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    Saronite ore is pretty cheap on my server. Titanium ore is very scarce and the prices are high though. Raw epic gems are ultra scarce.

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    Saronite still isn't moving at all on my server. I have stockpiled over 10 bank tabs of the ore. I bought every stack for under 12g each, so it's still a no-risk investment. I may end up shuffling it and just selling jewelry to the vendor or selling the enchanting mats from d/e if the prices peak.

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    Saronite has creeped back up but sales volumes are low. I had to relist 12 stacks of Saronite Bars twice (not all at once) to get them to sell. The levelers are still out there, but they aren't en masse. Same goes with Titanium.

    If I run the numbers, Saronite Bars are the sweet spot for profit (Ti bars selling for less than 8*Sar bars).

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    Saronite, cobalt and titanium have all improved on my server. I've been checking back every few days and this weekend, there was no cobalt or titanium posted at one point.

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    Selling cobalt bars from ~150g- 250 g stack on my server. Prices has went up a whole lot in the last month or so.

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    A guy on my server was just discussing this last night. As a matter of fact, I think he quoted Cold's comments to me. He's been barking in trades hard trying to sell his and isn't having much luck at 30g/stack.

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    @Cold - will sell at 10g / each on my server on weekends. The old shuffles are some of the most quickly forgotten, and now that the blogosphere is all about leveling with gathering profession, nobody levels with enchanting - they wait til they ding 85 and powerlevel it. Check your TUJ Enchanting page.
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    Cobalt bars selling for around 6-8g each, ore at similar prices. I don't have big stocks so just trickle feed the market, buying ore or bars if someone dumps stock. For saronite, bars usually sell at around 5g with ore selling at 30-40g. Both markets seem fairly slow moving currently, but to be fair, I'm not watching them closely. Titanium selling around 10-12g in bars and 10-15g as ore. The is as expensive as it was previously, 25-30g or so.

    Good point on the 'old' shuffles, we have up to nearly 7g most of the time on my server now....makes for some nice abyss shatter profits when the crystal is like 8-10g.
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