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    Volatile Fire Fishing in Mount Hyjal

    There is five pools that you can fish from. You can start fishing them at level 1, they re spawn about every 15 min. I get about 5-8 per pool, the best time is from 3 A.M. to 8 A.M. server time. It is a good way to make gold and to level fishing.

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    Keep in mind, if you haven't started the Hyjal questline you may have some troubles if you die. I was being sent to the Ashenvale GY without the questline phasing so just a note for anyone who might try this on a pre80.
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    Level 1 fishing, not character level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywarp1800 View Post
    Level 1 fishing, not character level.
    No more Consortium with my morning coffee, promise.

    Switched around my post a bit to make it a tip.

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    This is my favourite farming spot, basically all you need is fishing wich u can get on any char. I do ltos of bgs on my main and while in que I jsut fish in theese ponds, I make around 1-1.5 stacks of fire each day and saving them for 4.2

    Pretty nice GPH and minimal movement and effort required aswell as any char with any proffs can do this.

    Was so pleased with this farming method that I almost made a thread about it till I saw this one.

    Also, not relay sure but think there might be a chacne of getting turtle from the pools aswell.

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    This is a great post and a great fishing spot, thanks for bringing it up!! Some tips that I have found useful, and also found on Els Anglin.

    - The pools USUALLY spawn in the same sequence. So if you remember the first pool you fished from, when you finish the last one, just keep fishing where the first one was and it will save you time.
    - Keep fishing even when you don't have a pool. The drop rate SUCKS, but you can still get .
    - Yes, you can get the Sea Turtle from the Pools of Fire. See HERE for very good strategies on catching the turtle.
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    first post in forums \o/

    I just wanted to share my strategy, this made me go from 1k gold to 10k gold, I was never very good at making gold and I haven't got a farm char...

    I am a Horde player, and a mage, so I set my Hearthstone to "Crushblow".
    After that I go fishing in Twilight Highlands, when the pools are gone, I teleport myself to Ogrimmar and take the portal to Hyjal. In Hyjal I fish the pools empty and hearth back to twilight highlands, and do the same thing again. By the time I finish Hyjal with the guild talent (15min. Hearthstone) the cooldown is usually ready.




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