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    Cataclysm Flawless Draenethyst Sphere farming in Blasted Lands, Drop rate increased?

    Thursday evening omw to the Darkmoon fair I decided to go past a couple of hotspots indicated to me by SilverDragon, which is a similar addon to _NPCScan I started using SilverDragon about two years ago, but it wasn't updated and then later I moved to _NPCscan. At the moment i'm having trouble with _NPCscan on my main. but silver dragon works fine. Close to the portal in Blasted Lands, seeing that I've never seen [npc]7846[/npc] and being an avid rare hunter I thought it was hight time to kill the baby brother of my favourite dragon [npc]36676[/npc]

    Just for an afterthought i've never looted a while levelling in blasted lands on any of my toons.

    Whithin 20 min I came across four rares of which three dropped one each and one dropped Last night I went back again and found [npc]7846[/npc] himself, he only dropped one but two other rares were also present and they dropped one of each sphere. The loot in the seem to share the same tables as the and same levels. Can be disenchanted into and also

    You could also get some nice patterns in the chest. like and even some rares.

    The point I wanne make however. it seems that Blizzard, with there promise to bring back rares. Some disappeared during the "Shattering". They also increase the spawn-rate, and it would seem, also the drop rate of the spheres, They did say in the blue posts, "with increased loot". go for 500 to 1k on my server. So hurry on over to Blasted lands and go farm those spheres before it the Ah gets run over with them

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    Are you sure that those really are sold for 500 to 1k gold on your server? I've seen them sell for 50g maximum and the rewards are not that valuable either.
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    4.0.6 had nothing to do with these mobs in the blasted lands as far as I know of. Since the shattering, I've been occasionally going out there while waiting for a BG queue and farming them up from these mobs.

    500g+ does seem a little high though. I've occasionally been able to sell them for 100g each, but not much more than that.

    Edit: Got five of them today while flying over to Kara, and decided to turn in all the quests just for fun...

    Btw, here's a macro if you're not using any addons
    /tar Mordak
    /tar Narixxus
    /tar Teremus
    /tar Akubar
    /tar Blackleaf
    /tar Deatheye
    /tar Grunter
    /tar Magronos
    /tar Ravage
    /tar Cassia
    /tar Spiteflayer
    /tar Dreadscorn
    /tar Clack
    /tar Mojo
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