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    Herb Spawn rate buff?

    This is entirely anecdotal, but it seems like they've buffed herb spawn rates a great deal. Whiptail is everywhere and so is Azshara's Veil, if you take an herbalist out to the zones. Expect prices to plummet if this isn't hotfixed soon.

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    Noticed the same thing, market has not adjusted yet though.
    Not sure if its intentional in which case i should sell off herbs now, or if its a "oops we broke it" in which case i should stockpile.

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    I do beleive it was in the patch nodes that they increased the density of herb spawn nodes. I'm at work and can't check (well i could on my phone but meh) but i'm pretty sure it's in there. Maybe that's why i was able to nab 10 stacks of whiptail at 120g each but i haven't seen any that low since then. This could have a HUGE impact on a ton of markets. I'm unsure what i wanna do at the moment =/ Let the speculation begin!
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    I was able to farm 10 stacks of heartblossom 5stacks of cinderbloom 99 volatile life in around 33minutes. made around 6k, thats farming i can actually tolerate doing.

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    If the prices are going to fall in this patch maybe flasks will finally become a higher demand because people will be more willing to buy them because of the lower price. Cheaper glyph/fortune card and darkmoon deck crafting prices hell yeah!
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    oh god my 22 darkmoon cards are gonna kill me

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    This should be interesting as I've started a side project of flipping DMF cards, in an attempt to build a Volcano deck for under 20k (currently only need the 2 and 5; paid under 2k for all except maybe the 7 [can't remember]).

    In part because the faire left again, I'm seeing cards today with bid prices of ~1000g.

    If these herb buffs stick, there are going to be big repercussions: anything Alchemy, Decks, Fortune Cards (and Cookies), Gems (via xmute), and I'm sure there's more.

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    Whiptail in 4.0.6 !!

    Edit: oh what a noob i am, i didn't find this topic before now

    The spawn rate is greatly increased: someone told me he had farmed 50 stacks of whiptail in an hour!
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    Has anyone heard anything on if this is a bug or if this was intentional? I spent a good chunk of time farming whiptail and heartblossom last night and want to move them fairly quickly if this change ends up sticking around.
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    I can't find anything in the patch notes that mentions changing the spawn rate.

    Those of you who were herbing on day 1 of Cata will recall how dense the herb spawns were. I was farming Twilight Jasmine and I'd see 2 nodes on my minimap for every node I was gathering. Blizzard hotfixed this after a couple of days.

    It seems highly unlikely that they would undo a hotfix and not even bother mentioning it in the patch notes or a subsequent post, so I'm going to operate under the assumption that any spawn rate buff is unintentional, and as such, won't last.

    Right now on my server, Cinderbloom is under 50g/stack, and Whiptail is sitting at 100g/stack (compared to 200g+/stack pre-4.0.6). I think I'm going into "buy" mode, and possibly also "farm" mode as well.
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