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    Your favorite 'this is where I log my alt(s) in and out several times a day' spot(s)

    I'll share two of my favorite spots.

    I tend to place my miner at Socrethar's Seat in Netherstorm,

    I do this in order to counteract my server's low / highly priced supply of Adamantium Ore to keep my Rod business going. Directly on the tiny tiny floating island of Socrethar's Seat you will always find one Adamantite Desposit, with a second either also on the island or just next to it on the main land.

    One of my other alts (this spot isn't profession based) is in Silithus. This choice of location is inspired by Sterling's Guide: Farm 1500+ Gold Per Hour in Silithus. This enables me to quickly swoop in whenever I find myself bored and almost always nail 7-10 s by assassinating the Twilight Prophet and her entourage; whether for selling directly or taking your chances with the more rare recipes, this is steady gold.

    So, which are your favorite 'this is where I log my alt(s) in and out several times a day' spots?
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    Next to the mailbox closest to the bank/AH, and my main next to the JC trainer to pickup the daily.
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    Similar areas to Qruz, but different reasons -

    My little used rogue engineer is generally parked in Area 52, log in and out a couple of times daily, 10 secs checking for a khorium power core off the nice goblin vendor there (well, he'd be nice if he gave me a core).

    For some time I had my DK parked in Silithus and would do a quick 5-10 min trip around the air elementals collecting 'Essence of Air' for my heirloom enchant business. Moved him after the Cata upgrade as the drop rate has reduced and no longer can I pick up 15-20 essences in 10 minutes
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    I park my lvl 75 DK in Uldum... on the very edge of it so I don't have a horde of mobs rushing me due to my lower level. But I park him there to do my Volatile Elements transmute every day... he's a xmute spec, so I like the extra procs.

    My other alts are currently parked in SW. I may move them around to other places eventually, but I haven't bothered yet. My hunter is pretty much not used atm, but he will be moreso shortly when I get his Blacksmithing leveled up and possibly Tailoring. He's just a glorified lvl 80 alt right now and I don't plan to level him to 85 any time soon.

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    I have everyone parked in Org, all stacked up on top of Chef Marogg. The crates from the cooking daily were buffed in 4.06, and doing the easy dailies on all 10 characters can yield a sizable pile of animal parts in a very small amount of time. (Everyone can fly, makes it easier to move around the city.)

    I used to keep characters in Silithus and at Light's Hope Chapel, but the nerfs to the drops in both areas has encouraged everyone to head back to town. The new ink traders also mean I don't need to keep anyone in Dalaran, so that brought the last straggler home.

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    You can move your dk to the Ramkahen town in the middle of Uldum. Once he is there it is safe and your logoff time is faster due to being in an inn. Plus the mailbox is a win for sending off those tranmutes. You do not need to do any of the questline to access the town.
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    Like a lot of people mine are quite boring.

    My hunter, DK and rogue are camped in org around the AH near the JC trainer/daily. Mostly to facilitate easy access to the JC trainer/daily for my DK and rogue but also for nearby access to the anvil for crafting carnelian spikes and some BS items with my DK. Sadly there is no forge there for some reason,i am assuming it is bugged as the anvil in the main one by the entrance acts as a forge also while this one doesn't so if i am smelting my rogue has to pop to the other forge by the entrance.
    For my hunter it also provides quick access to the insc vendor.
    I also prefer using that AH to the 'main' one as it's quieter with less people around.

    My pally is still camped in dalaran. He's an engineer and makes my Hogs so i like him there so he can quickly fly to K3 for parts and hearth back to dalaran. As he's an eng he gets to use the eng AH in dalaran so can sell his bits'n'bobs from there.
    He was also my ink trader before they added one in org.

    My mage who is my enchanter, tailor (NW bag vendor) and main buyer is camped by the main AH in org as it has convinient acess to a reunethread vendor and contrary to my standard style i like him in the open as he is usually the one i pick up deal s with i see in trade and most people offer to meet around the main AH or bank.

    My horde lock and an ally banker are camped outside the neutral AH in BB for cross faction movement.

    My other ally banker is camped in SW dwarven district. Mostly again as it's quieter than the main AH.

    Other than that the rest are camped in org as they don't really have anywhere else to go

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    To smelt back there go outside by the tents, thefluffyrocker. Not sure why it is outside. Also anyone can use the AH in Dal now - not just engineers

    All my toons live in the main areas of the cities except my JC who lives next to the jc daily.

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    Will have to explore around the side and have a look, i did try a few places around there but none of the obvious places seems to work so i assumed there wasn't one. Now i know it is there i will try until i find it

    Also anyone can use the AH in Dal now - not just engineers
    What what WHAT?! Engineering gets nerfed again! I call Shenanigans!!!
    Now you mention it i do remember reading that just forgot as nothing really changed AH wise for me.

    Will be keeping my pally in dalaran simply for the easy access to hog parts but it will no longer feel special when i go to the AH

    P.S. i forgot to mention my glyph seller is camped in UC...again because it's quiet but also because i can access the bank, guild bank and AH without dismounting. I used to camp in TB but i ended up in UC one day for a reason i can't remember and decided to stay because of the lack of dismounting.

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    Just wanted to add one other spot I used to use: the mailbox next to the fountain in Dalaran. The oven for the inn is just on the other side of that wall, so you could have marathon cooking sessions at the mailbox without needing to make or refresh a cooking fire. (Lazy is as lazy does.)



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