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    Cataclysm Savage Leather Farming (with ease)

    Good morning to all!

    I have been lurking here for quite a while and enjoyed reading everyones tips and ideas! Over the last week or so I have come upon a pretty good place to farm savage leather and as a bonus I don't actually have to kill anything. This might be different on other servers, but I am on Blackrock (h) US and it is VERY high population. What I have been up to is after a Tol Barad victory, I wait about 10 minutes for people to start doing the dailys. Specifically the one where you slaughter the croc's outside of the TB raid instance. 10 minutes after the battle there are literally stacks and stacks of dead croc's waiting to be skinned. Yesterday I hung around for about 20-30 minutes after each battle I was around for and each time I netted 4-5 stacks of savage leather as well as the bloated stomachs (that hold the volitiles). My skinner is a druid so any npc's I grab aggro on I throw an instant root on them and kite away to the next skin(also natures grasp) .As the leather only goes for 6g ish a piece (on BR) its not a gold mine, but it can help you level leatherworking or get some pocket change.

    Have a great day!


    edit; just saw someone else mentioned this already in a different thread. whooops

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    Over here on my overpopulated server the skinners are all lined up waiting on the crocs. I normally do the Tol Borad dailies on all 85s when I'm available and it's so bad there that you actually have to wait on looting because there are literally skinners standing there while you kill the croc. Once you loot they steal the skin. Some people doing the dailies also leave the trash on the croc JUST to tick off the skinners. There's nothing you can do about this... I generally don't loot them until nobody is around. Yes, it is that bad.

    When Kill Tank is available, I like hanging around a few minutes when I'm over there. People never skin the shark and he drops 1-3 Savage leathers and possibly some Scales. Usually there's 4-5 corpses laying around, too.

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    Spiders in Tol Barad now drop savage leather - this is the best spot for the leather right now. A lot of people questing there, so a lot of leather. You would need to fight a spider once in a while, but this place is awesome, better then the crocolisk one since people are questing there all the time, not just first 30 minutes after the win of Tol Barad.



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