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Thread: What to farm?

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    What to farm?

    Before I start, I completely understand what opportunity cost is and I have never farmed before but for a change I want to farm something as opposed to playing AH for hours. Also, something mindless my wife can do as well.

    I'm wondering what should I farm?

    I'm not looking for a magical solution (there is none) I want to choose between farming Embersilk, Herbs/Minerals or Leather. I suppose prices will depend on my realm but in general what is better to farm?

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    WotLK herbs are very sparse on my realm, Stranglekelp as well. Elementium/Obsidium ore, Cobalt ore as well. Heavy and Rugged Leather..

    Just a few things off the top of my head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tauna View Post
    WotLK herbs are very sparse on my realm, Stranglekelp as well. Elementium/Obsidium ore, Cobalt ore as well. Heavy and Rugged Leather..

    Just a few things off the top of my head.
    The problem is that farming those would need to net you well over the pure gold value of farming for 1 hour.

    I doubt you can get 30-40 stacks of one of those item types in one hour with a high price on them to make it worth while.

    Embersilk would be your best bet long term IMO if you can get the spot to yourself, otherwise leather would be best in an area you can also use potion of luck (turtles on windward isle namely)
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    Also consider farming in a dungeon/raid that drops mounts or pets or other items that you want for personal use, or in an area that you love. That way, even if you aren't making as much gold as you could by working the AH, your gold profit is also supplemented by game-related satisfaction. I love farming Kara for that reason. It might not be the best gold per hour, but you can get a chance at pets, a mount, and I have lots of fun memories of that place so I actually enjoy running it.

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    Let's see what options you have:
    First of is Embersilk. There is a thread about this one Farm 2000+ Embersilk Cloth an hour. Also for this one to be most effective you need to be a tailor on char you are farming.
    You could also go for frostweave cloth ( you need around 1k of these to level up tailoring). Best spot is in Icecrown where those converted heroes are located ( think that is the name ).

    As for Herbs/Minerals you could go for those bottleneck mats. For example for ore you could go for or some other TBC mineral. These are in high demand but there usually isnt enough suply to support that thus leading to high prices.
    As for herbs,atm, i can think of only one and that is Even if there are some on AH you can easily buy those up and reset the price.

    Now comes the leather. Here you have multiple options but you could mix them up. For example if you go to onyxia's lair just from trash mobs ( there are 5 of them ) you could get 2 stacks of They sell around 100g a stack on my server and you spent like 2 mins to clear trash. You could also aim for Thick leather since you need a lot of those to level up LW. Another thing you could go for is I used to farm these when i was a newbie in gold making. I was farming Black Morass like madman. You can pull whole instance aoe>skin>repeat.

    All in all, try to go for bottleneck mats as they are always in high demand but not nearly in enough supply. I understood you want to choose one of these but if you farm them too much you will flood the market and if you do that you need to switch to something else. Even if you don't flood and sell at high prices someone will catch up to you and will start farming too ( maybe even multiple people).
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    Thanks for the help.

    At this point in MoP, are MoP herbs/minerals/leather worth farming?

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    Think only leather is worth farming atm or not even that. I mean you could farm stuff now and keep them for when WoD comes and sell it at higher price but from post i see you want gold here and now. I would try and farm tbc/wotlk/cata stuff. A lot of people are leveling alts and profs since this period is the one where expansion is "dying". You can use that in your advantage. Get those mats that have up-time on AH so low that people are willing to pay 3 or 4 times higher prices rather than moving from city and herbing those 2 stacks of herbs,ore or even worse skin 40 bears,turtles,etc.



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