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    An alternative embersilk cloth farming spot is in the twilight highlands at the dragonmaw pass (25.38). You will need to do a series of quests until you can get [Easy Pickings].

    You'll be killing Twilight Spearwarder. These mobs wil be phased unless you're able to do the quest and are phased again once you complete it (DON'T!), so there will be little competition. The mobs have 85k health and are kind of spread out but respawn fast. My only tailor is a priest, I run around in small circles using a single dot (SW:P or VT if mana gets low) to pull them to me and they usually die within looting range depending on crits/mastery procs.

    Sorry for the bad quality, playing on my laptop atm.

    Edit: Did a quick test on my priest with a potion of treasure finding. Only using VT, in 15 minutes I got:
    493 embersilk cloth
    5 greens
    151 gold (gold + chests +32g from vendoring white stuff)

    Depending on your server prices this is still a pretty solid grinding spot.
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    Easy pickings is my spot where I farm embersilk cloth. In 1 hour I get 500 bolts+ from here, about 1k in junk I use junk addon is selll it fast, I have a mailbox toon nearby, use tsm to send the cloth to another toon. On my lock who is my tailor I have 127 bag slots free, I vendor about 25 mins in normally and I mail at 29 mins past.

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    I've been farming for Windwool Cloth, they are at the cave north of One Keg @ Kun-lai Summit. Using [Potion of Luck] I get a nice amount of other mats (ores, herbs, leather, greens, etc) and some extra gold. A ranged class makes this easier, since some of them are casters. I can farm this very easy with my SP

    Hope it helps!
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