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    Random Question Ores vs Bars

    Ok bit of a strange question here for you.

    On the server I currently play on and others I've been on in the past the prices for bars are generally HIGHER than for the ores alone.

    Yes it does depend on the day but I'd've thought that as there are other uses for ore that the situation would be reversed.

    Does anyone have any idea why?

    (not that I'm complaining I'm just intrested!)
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    I suspect it's just the supply and demand of the moment. Let's suppose that the low end prices are floating at 1g per ore and 2g per bar. It's an even conversion right now. Now a JC comes along and needs to do some prospecting. All that 1g ore is gone. You have 1.6g per ore now and things are out of whack. It could easily go the other way if a BS or Eng decides to make some stuff or if a farmer decides to post a bunch. If you are smart, however, you'll look at the prices before posting to decide whether or not to smelt the ore.

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    ...or you go and post full stacks of bars at high end prices for a long time and enjoy the game. Just know your market.



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