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    Herbing for fun and profit

    I have been making bank on herbs since release. In addition to making over 4000g just from quest rewards and selling BoP items, the herbs are like found money.

    Currently I am selling stacks of for well over 400g, sometimes even as much as 600g a stack. The best place I have found to get it is in the Clutch in Kelp'thar Forest.

    The other big seller so far is which sells for about 30g each. You can get a stack easy by simply flying up and down the river in Uldum.

    Finally has been a huge money maker. The first 2 nights I was selling stacks of 10 for 700g now it has dropped a bit but still quite a good money maker at over 200g a stack.

    Just thought I would give a heads up, I have made well over 15k since release and leveled one toon to 85 already.

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    I also have made a chunk of change off of Volatile Life. I have been getting most of mine while collecting Twilight Jasmine and Cinderbloom in the Twilight Highlands. Both of those herbs have been selling really well for me.
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