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Thread: Obsidium Ore

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    Obsidium Ore

    So I've played a total of 45 minutes in the new Cataclysm (whee!) and 25 of those minutes were in Sholozar Basin getting my mining up to 425.

    When I got to Hyjal, I remembered a post from another website that I frequent. I read where as you progress through Mt. Hyjal and begin the "cleansing" of it, that the Obsidium Nodes become inaccessible/disappear due to the phasing. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

    If this is true and since Obsidium is a major bottleneck for JC/BS/Eng, would it be useful to not quest there and keep it as a farming zone? I came out with a stack and a half in 20 minutes and that was at peak hours with everyone and their brother there.

    Here's why I'm thinking this: Obsidium is found in Mt. Hyjal, Vashj'ir and sometimes Deepholme. The reports I'm reading are that they aren't plentiful in Vashj'ir and my feeling is that most people will go to Hyjal to avoid the whole underwater thing. Also, Deepholme is generally 82-83 and it has a plethora of elementium but just a few Obsidium nodes around the Deathwing area.


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    I was told by a guildmate that ores do show up on the minimap radar and disappear when he landed on the spot. Upon landing and letting the system/graphics lag catch up another yellow dot showed up on the minimap. He then proceed to hop over to that location and the same thing happen. So he ended up spot hopping a few times and gave up and moved on. Probably ores due to phasing.

    In Uldum farming Etermium Ore, same guildmate reported that he got in and out of combat when there is no mobs around his node. It prevented him from mounting up and also broke the casting spell if combat starts up again.

    This may be frustrating, but it does open up a question when one do certain quest which unlocks a phase. Do the person see ores from both phased and unphased maps?
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    I never saw a single obsidium ore node. I'm not a miner but usually you spot a few while questing.

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    Over at maintankadin (my only other WoW resource not constrained by a firewall), people are saying the same thing about phasing. It shows up on the radar and but when you fly down, it's not there.

    One fellow mentioned that once you clear the entire zone of quests that the phasing issue is resolved and the nodes appear again.

    However, with obsidium going for 20g+ per ore on my realm, I'm going to stay on my "no questing in Hyjal" route since I have yet to have a phasing issue.

    I don't have time to clear the zone and lose out on the high prices since we really don't know where the prices will settle. With the rush to get to 85, many would be farmers are short on obsidium since it's only available in 3 zones. Two of those zones are sub optimal in my opinion due to short supply of the nodes/undesirable play mechanics.

    Hopefully this pans out for me in the end. I'll let people know if they'd like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenit View Post

    This may be frustrating, but it does open up a question when one do certain quest which unlocks a phase. Do the person see ores from both phased and unphased maps?
    Good question that I just don't know the answer to.

    In WotLK, there was one area in Icecrown just north of the Argent Vanguard in Scourgeholme where I know for a fact that 2 players in different phases could see the same ore. I would play with my brother who was a Lore nut and he would be in a different phase. We would fight over the same ore that spawned. Now, it seems that Azeroth/Mt. Hyjal is doing something different with phasing.

    It would be interesting to see if Blizzard incorporated different layers of obsidium ore nodes at different phasing levels. For example, does a "fresh off the boat" player in Hyjal see a node at coordinates (10,51) whereas "Champion of Hyjal" player will never see a node at (10,51) but said "Champion" will see a node at (7,54) and the "Fresh" player will never see a node at (7,54).

    If so, that will make a huge headache for those with Gathering addons.

    Then again, I could be way overthinking this...

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    I haven't done any of the quests in hyjal on my main miner as of yet - I noticed that every now and then a few of the mines in darkwhisper gorge would disappear, but not all of them - so I imagine it's just someone else (who is in the phased portion) grabbing them first. That being said - getting ore/herbs on my server right now seems to be a fight to the death everyone is farming like mad and you can fly around for quite awhile without running into a node. Last night in Vash'jir I think I made my husband deaf because I would scream "HERB GET IT GET FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET IT" :/

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    Add to this user's reputation aking.....GOBS.....of Gold.......farming.....

    Ok - seriously, this is happening. I followed Kaliopes' Realm First Mining guide, and missed it by 2-3 chat screens. I leveled Mining to 470 and Herbalism to 490 in Northrend (this took MAYBE 5 minutes), then immediately went to Twilight Highlands. It was completely empty - maybe 4 people in the entire zone. Realm First Herbalism hit at about 12:20AM (20 mins post launch), and about 10 minutes later Realm First Mining, then 1 minute later - I hit it.

    The nodes "appearance" time is LAME - sometimes it will appear after you fly by it, and if you wait too long (gathering something else first?), I fly to it, and it disappears before my eyes. it will reappear if I stay there for 10 seconds or so.
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    I only managed to get about 3 stacks of obsidium ore last night. Hyjal was just way too crowded. And the phasing was causing issues. I'd see nodes on my mini map and go to them and they would disappear. Same with Quest givers. Would see the ! and I'd go to it and no one would be there. I'm halfway to 82, i'll just level tonight and go to Deepholm and farm ores there.

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    Found a nice little spot in Vash'jr outside one of the quest hubs. I want to call it Silver(wind?) Trench. Its probably the 4th major quest hub you come to. Anyway, I was able to passively gather about 3 stacks of Obsidium there in an hour or two while questing last night. It was the first spot in Vash where I had seen ore nodes with regularity.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    For those of you that tried farming in Hyjal, did any of you do any quests at all?

    I took the dragon ride to Hyjal and immediately started farming without any issues (albeit it was a very short farming session). I'm trying to figure out when/if questing is causing the issue. If it is, how many quests into the zone is it? 5? 10? 25? etc.



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