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    Looking for Goldthorn

    I was out trying to gather Goldthorn for one of my toons who is leveling Alchemy. I spent last night and even this morning trying to fill some bags and noticed they were just as scarce this morning as they were last night. I am wondering if they cut back on the drops, because I was getting plenty of everything else in the area. But it was rare to find any?

    I also did some AH research and noticed they were selling very hight. But for the last 3 days not one was on the AH
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    I always go to Arathi Highlands for Goldthorn. But yeah, I've noticed it's scarse lately, and auction prices have been silly (55g?).

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    STV was always a good spot for Goldthorn. I haven't had much of a chance to explore for herbs as much since I've been obsessing over ore but if Blizzard has the mob levels streamlined with the gatherable items, you're looking for mobs in thier mid to late 30s. EPL has a lot of herbs that are worth a look.