Which one do you use when configuring your groups?


1 - I am currently using TSM for one of a kind items (rares) and commodities.
2 - TSM is always on on my computer and it scans the AH 24x7.
3 - AuctionDB market price seems to fluctuate quite a bit from day to day. Granted I don't know if Wowuction median price also fluctuates because I am not using it for my groups.

I don't fully understand the difference between them. I read quite a bit online and found out that the Wowuction media price considers the last 2 weeks, while Wowuction market price includes only the current auctions. So I ruled out market price.

I also understand that AuctionDB market price has a system that puts more weight on recent prices than prices from a week ago.

Do you guys use Wowuction media price for anything?