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    Stockpiles: The Calm Before The Storm - what will you do early in cataclysm?

    It's about to happen. Cataclysm is about to be here.

    We've all got out stockpiles ready. Everything is quiet. It's the calm before the storm.

    What do you intend to do?

    Put lots of your stockpile on the AH right away?

    Wait for a while and study prices to get the best deals?

    Did you make a mistake with some of your stockpiled goods and do you intend to dump them as soon as prices allow?

    Which of your stockpiled mats will sell the best in the first few days?

    Post your thoughts here!

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    Level my ass off, my stockpile of primarily trade goods fell flat on its face after The Shattering, so there's not much for me to do but move forward. Oh there's some Saronite Ore, Infinite Dust and Eternal Earth lurking around in there, but nothing useful in the first 3 months of cata.

    I'll probably create my new goblin banker, burn up some Glyphs that will sell for 50g+, do my bi-daily batch post of grossly overpriced tradegoods and then take my mining/herb shaman to the limits that lvl 85 RSI will allow me. Immediately follow it up with my BS/JC Warrior to 85 then the 85 Ench/Tailor Warlock. Squeeze 85 out of my Inscrip/Mining druid and the Alch/Herb priest in there. Once my corporation is back in full swing ill turn my attention to my baby cowadin.

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    Much of my stockpiled goods are long terms investments 6+ months out. But that will not prevent me from trickling some of it into the market a little bit at a time, albeit at exorbitant prices. of course!
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    I didn't have sufficient funds to stockpile too much, and most of the stuff I did stockpile were items that have a 50% chance of falling through. (No huge banks full of saronite or anything)
    Random items.. And then of course about 30 argent tournament pets, which is my safety net. Even if I waste all my money in the first week of Cata and all my stuff becomes terrible, I'll have at least 60k worth of pets to sell off in a few months (More depending on how long I wait...)

    I mostly just bought things that were ridiculously cheap, so even if they do fall through, I won't be out very much.
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    I don't have any real mat stock piles or anything. Just 1/3rd of a bank tab of saronite ore and 1/3rd of a tab of Abyss Crystals, Dust and Greater Cosmics. Mostly from checking the AH every day and buying things that were extremely under priced.

    Just gonna watch prices and sell them off when they seem to be at a high point.

    I do have an estimated 10,000g worth of Classic recipes and another few thousand in BoE items. I've been trying to sell the recipes but it's slow moving. I'm hoping with inflation that the prices jump and make my collection worth double but I really have no idea how it's gonna go. I was never much of an economist in my previous years of WoW and I only started doing this a few weeks ago.
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    Hello everyone

    I've very recently discovered this wonderful site and this seems like a good thread to start posting on.

    For starters, I'll study the market and see how it evolves. My stockpile consists of mostly, but not limited to, Saronite, Titanium, LK Enchanting Materials, Frozen Orbs and Primals and I doubt that's gonna shoot up for at least a couple months, when current supply dries out, but I'll keep my eyes open for any opportunity that may arise (maybe some people will choose to level the first points in their professions with high-end LK recipes, who knows...).

    As for my leveling/farming strategy, being a raider I normally carry raiding professions but since I've done some juggling between my 80s, and I'm in between profs on my Shadow Priest main, I've picked up mining for now (I've always preferred buying/flipping and buying/crafting but you can't overlook the opportunity of exploiting the ridiculous demand that always comes with the start of an expansion, besides, I see hours and hours of waiting in Q for randoms in my near future so I figured I could farm meanwhile).

    As of right now, the priority is getting to 85 ASAP and start taking advantage of the ridiculous demand for minerals that comes with the beginning of every expansion, though I'm also considering taking time to just farm Twilight Highlands once I'm not so squishy and while people focus on server first 85.
    As for the ore, I'll try to exploit the initial demand as much as possible (specially since most of my gold is tied to investments) and eventually start to prospect it. This will happen sooner or later depending on how the price of gems and enchanting mats evolve (I'm hoping that we can get somewhere close to the golden age of saronite shuffling).

    Anyway... that's it for my short term plans. Nothing set in stone, just react to how the market evolves.

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    Continue selling off BoE gear, enchant scrolls, and bags, which I've been selling since the Shattering. Probably start listing some supplies for profession levelers, but I don't think that's going to sell all that well for the first couple of weeks due to the large influx of supply. I think most rerollers are going to level as fast as they can to 85 and worry about professions then, so my guess is it'll be a few weeks before the mats market starts to pick up. - WoW economics, MMO philosophy, and more!

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    The first thing I'll do is rush my main (ench/eng rogue) to 85. After that, well, I've got more or less 700 greater cosmic essences which cost me close to 0 to acquire, so I'll be holding on to those; my break-even price on those is about 2-3 gold, and I can be very patient in selling them, since for having sold copious amounts of illusion/arcane dust and greater eternal/planar essences at sky-high prices (90g per greater eternal? Yes please), I know I can make a solid profit.

    Until then, I'm listing them all on the AH at steadily rising prices to get Auctioneer and the like to start getting used to higher prices. I wouldn't normally do this as it's a very large market, but at the moment I probably hold 80 or 90% of it. I'm just not selling because I'd hate myself for selling them at 8g apiece when I could sell them 30g apiece in a month or two when everyone starts getting their new gnome priests and worgens around level 75-80.

    As for making gold on the first few weeks of Cataclysm, my plans are:
    - PL the hell out of my enchanting, and milk people for every last gold in mats and actual enchants; I'll have to see with the other first 525 enchanters what they have so we don't pointlessly buy the same patterns and compete; heck, I'll even offer them a deal along the lines of "I don't buy this for another two weeks and refer people who need it to you, and in return you do the same for me" if they're interested enough;
    - Quickly level my Herb/Alch druid, Mining/JC DK and BS/JC warrior; mats will stay high for some time making the first two profitable in their own right, and 2 JC toons means twice the patterns, making it a viabl enough strategy to get the most commonly sought cuts on one, and the rarer, freak cuts on the other; I also have a mining/BS paladin and a skinner/LW hunter, but I'm afraid they'll have to wait (yeah, I'm an altoholic, I confess).

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    I want to do everything. So I'm just going to prepare myself for wherever my heart takes me, and do it. I have a group set up for leveling my rogue, which will be my priority. Other than that though, all my stock-pile is intended for long term investment. Like Namssob, I'll be trickling a bit out, but mostly focusing on leveling/gearing toons, professions and farming. I might even give my mad dash to 525 Inscription/ Darkmoon Cards insanity idea a go if I'm feeling like an exhausting and focused grind.

    But I'm so excited about so many things coming in the expansion that I'll likely be a bit everywhere. It's too hard to commit myself to a "plan", especially when there's so many variables in the equation.
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    The last few days I have been getting my teams together for dual box leveling for when cata hits. I have finally settled on my first team being a herb/skin moonkin and a mining/leatherworking dk. I have been working on getting the 25 quests done on each toon, tweaking my dual box tactics, clearing out junk and getting big bags ready for filling.

    My ah biz has been a bit slow but Im still selling enchanting scrolls and listing miscellaneous items that I need to get sold before tuesday and buying up cheap snatch list items and other underpriced ah items.

    Come cata it is full speed ahead with my first team punctuated with breaks from leveling focusing on ahing with my enchanter/cooker/engineer on horde and my alchemist dk on ally selling all the mats and crafted items and again, looking for deals on the ah.



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