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    How much have YOU spent on the BMAH?

    So I did a little napkin math today and came to the realization that I have spent just over 2 million gold on items from the BMAH.

    Plus a few pieces of gear and random items have gobbled up my gold.
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    I have spent zero gold on the black market auction house.
    I don't care about pets companions and mounts .
    Eventually I would like a two person mount but all my 85s-90s are on one account. So there is no burning desire to get a two person mount.
    I don't care about twink gear.

    I have an army 85s that I am in the process of leveling to 90 and I haven't seen anything on the BMAH that I am dying to spend my gold on.

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    Haven't spent a copper. Never even go there. I'd pay a mill for Mimiron's Head tho.
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    I got into a fun bid war last night for some gear for my PVE raids. I tank as a monk and these are currently BiS for me. However, I did not push it over the 70k mark that my competition was going into. While I did have the gold to go higher, I am still new in the gold making scene (only 150k'ish and nowhere near the standard on the forums).

    Beyond that, first post for me. Been enjoying reading the forums for a week or so now and figured I would show my face!

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    Three mounts and three T3 pieces. Not near as much as I was hoping to spend. The BMAH on my old server has been particularly uncooperative.
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    I've spent a little over 1 million, so far. Picked up some gear early in the expansion, a few tier pieces, a couple of mounts, and some TCG pets and vanity items. For the most part I'm biding my time and watching as people blow gold on big things while amassing my own fortune and waiting for the right mount to come along.

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    I wish I could have spent something. At the start of the expansion I planned to spend some gold on Heroic raid gear, untill I found out that there were some people willing to pay 500k for a 22 agi upgrade, no thanks, I'd rather sit on my gold. They only posted one mount on my realm, Onyxia, which I sadly forgot about because I was too busy with brawling (oh I bought that).

    So 100k spent in total for a day 1 Brawler invite.

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    Plagueheart Robes 185k
    Plagueheart Shoulders 300k
    Plagueheart Circlet 150k
    Plagueheart Bracers 12k
    [Imp in a Ball] 100k
    [Picnic Basket] 25k
    [Reins of the Blue Drake] 100k (that was for the gf)
    Some level 90 i483 gun (forget the name)for my 86 hunter was about 25k

    So around 900k so far.
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    I've only spent around 40k on my .

    I was going to bid on when they were put up, but last time I checked they went up to 70k so I dropped out. I don't know if it was the day or what but I was surprised that the mount from a low-level 5-times an hour instance went higher than the higher level once a day instance.

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    Just bought right now [Riding Turtle] for about 119k. Apart from that it was only [Reins of the Drake of the North Wind] for something around 74k (if i recall correctly).

    Unfortunately I often dont have the time to check into there as much as I would love to. But for [Mimiron's Head] I would be willing to drop down a few more coins as well.



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