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    Spam macro help needed

    I remember seeing how to do this somewhere on the old wow forums but can't find. How can I make a macro so I can hit a button and spam trade with

    "Looks your best with epic PST or See AH."

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    There are a couple of addons specifically designed to create trade announcements that involve linking items and professions at the click of a button. I remember reading it on a blog somewhere - perhaps that blog owner is on these forums and will pop up soon and link to it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahdude View Post
    I remember seeing how to do this somewhere on the old wow forums but can't find. How can I make a macro so I can hit a button and spam trade with

    "Looks your best with epic PST or See AH."

    There was a post on WoWHarbor, but its devolved now into a nondescript gold guide
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    I haven't used any addons for this yet, but might try it. Usually I just create my own macros.

    You can link an item into a macro if you see it or have it in your inventory, or use Atlas Loot to get a link to it. You just need to "Shift-click" the items while editing your macro.

    I also use special characters to make my ads stand out. {star}, {moon}, {square}, things like that will also work. Then just bind the macro to a key, and you're on your way!
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    Make this macro:

    /run SendChatMessage("Looks your best with epic "..(select(2,GetItemInfo(4335))),"channel",nil ,2)

    The 4335 it the wow-head id (which you can change to any item = you can link items not in your bag or on AH) - you can also add text after the item link, but im not at my wow pc right now, so i'll just show you the basic stuff.

    If you just wan't a item link in your UI (not trade, say or anything) just type:

    /run print(GetItemInfo(4335))

    You then get the an item link on your screen, which you can use to add items to snatchlist

    I prited the snatchlist from the site - wrote down the item id on all items - ran the /run print(GetItemInfo(xxxx)) and added the items to my snatchlist with my pricesetting. Took me around 10-15 min to have a complete snatchlist.
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